Welcome to our February Newsletter and it is our sincere hope that by sending these Newsletters out, we are able to keep in touch with you and keep you informed.  This week we are dealing with the Entrepreneurs who run a business from home – an excellent way to reduce business overheads however, it can also bankrupt you and your business if the correct insurance cover is not in place and an incident takes place on your property.
Do you know that...
  • Your Personal Liability cover on your domestic insurance policy does not extend to cover any incidents relating to a Home based business in any way
  • Contents cover for your household items does not extend to cover stock or assets used in the running of a home based business, other than office equipment, and even this has a small limit of cover
What would happen if...
  • A Client or Customer was injured on your property (fire or violent armed hold up)?
  • A BnB guest decides that your TV is better than his at home and leaves your premises with the TV?
  • A power outage in your area causes booked guests to cancel their accommodation with you?
  • You move a Clients vehicle and inadvertently damage the vehicle?
  • The garage where you keep all of your stock items is flooded and the stock is destroyed?
If any of the above questions have you thinking seriously about the adequacy of cover for your Home business, then we at Cooke Fuller Garrun have the solution for you.  Tailor made Insurance products are available at competitive premiums to ensure that you and your business are adequately protected.
Why place yourself at risk when suitable cover can be quickly arranged by our experienced staff?  We have access to numerous specialised products and would be happy to arrange to see you and discuss your requirements with you.