When estimating the replacement cost of a building, many people will simply refer to a construction guide or handbook, however, these publications do not always take all the factors into consideration and it is important to understand that they are exactly that – a guide only.

Building costs vary between the different provinces, often higher in the coastal regions and these costs could escalate between 6% and 14% during the course of a year.  One must consider Professional Fees (architects,  engineers, quantity surveyors etc) as well as make provision for demolition and rubble removal.

To make sure that your building is insured for the correct amount, our advice would always be for you to have a Professional Valuator carry out this exercise.  Should you be concerned regarding the current value of your Building, please call our office and we will assist you wherever possible.
  • According to the recent Safire Newsletter, leaving unattended chargers plugged in can be potentially dangerous.  Electricity is constantly flowing through and this presents a possible fire threat.
  • A person may be prosecuted for sitting in the driver’s seat of a stationary vehicle while the engine is running should this person be found to have an alcohol level exceeding 0.05g/100ml ?

As we head into the Festive Season, our need to visit Shopping Malls more often increases.  There has been an intensifying spate of mall robberies recently with the Canal Walk in Cape Town having two high value robberies in just four days.

The merchandise being targeted has changed from mostly jewellery in 2013 to electronics more recently (cell phone shops and IT suppliers).

We urge all of our Clients to take care over this period and to be on the alert for any possible dangers.
DRASTICALLY reduce the cost of dentistry with our new Dental Risk Insurance Plan, for as little as R29 per month.

For the first time in South Africa, Specialised Dentistry Cover is offered outside the Medical Aid environment. Through our association with Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, we are proud to offer four products covering a variety of dental options.
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Cooke Fuller Garrun
Cooke Fuller Garrun