Virtually everyone today carries and uses a cellular phone – they have become part of our lives and we depend on this small item daily.  It is therefore essential that our phones are insured adequately since everyone knows how easy it is to drop a phone or have it stolen.  They fall overboard on fishing excursions or are left on the roof of your vehicle – we simply cannot list all the threats these cellular phones face each day although we have plenty of other causes that have given rise to a claim.

The basis of settlement for a cellular phone claim is that of current replacement value – that sounds easy enough to work out……..

However, we have no control over availability of the same item, redundancy of older items, currency fluctuations and the changing pace of technology. At claim time, Insurers will take the first step of trying to replace your exact model phone (in the event that the phone is not repairable).  Assuming that the model is still current and available, Insurers will also source competitive pricing from a range of Suppliers. This may then result in your phone being replaced for a lower sum insured than you may have specified on your policy – you will be put back into the same position as you were prior to the claim incident.

In the event that your model is no longer available in the market place, the closest level replacement phone will be sourced and replaced should the sum insured be adequate to cover this.  If your sum insured does not cover the cost of the next level cellular phone, you would be given a cash-in-lieu settlement and you would then have to source your own replacement phone.  Please always remember that the Insurer may choose to replace, repair or pay out in the event of any claim.

We will always be able to give you advice on the current pricing within this market in order that you select a sum insured however, there is no guarantee that any claim will be settled on this exact amount. This same procedure and basis of settlement applies to most items such as iPads, Laptops, Tablets, Machinery etc.

Please call our office if you have any concerns regarding the cover you have in place or should you require clarity on this process – we would be happy to assist you.
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