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"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Letters by C. S. White
Information that might help make your life even better.
Blooming Iris

Spring/Summer 2015

Dear Friend,

By the time this reaches you, Spring will be well sprung and Summer nearly here. But I hope this letter has arrived just in time for your summer travel plans, whether they are to escape abroad, stateside or even at home. From a suggested summer read and grammar tip to how to get a refund for flight delays, how gardening can keep the mosquitoes away from your own backyard and how to fix the skewed perspective of that otherwise-perfect smartphone photo you'll take while on vacation, nearly every topic in this letter is meant to help with your plans — no matter where your journey takes you. 

Connie Sue

P.S. First time receiving a Letter by C.S. White? This is my way of sharing practical information and creative musings with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances that might not only be useful, but that might also add a little extra sparkle to daily living. Enjoy!

Vaxholm, Stockholm, resident raising the Swedish flag on Midsummer Eve

Trip Photo Gallery
Stockholm Surprise

Never on my List of Places to See, the Venice of the North is now on my List of Places to See Again — and my List of Places to Recommend. Check out my trip photo gallery and list of 10 off-the-beaten-path things to do and see in Stockholm during Midsummer.
Grammar Fix

Grammar Fix
Assure, Ensure or Insure?

Confusion with this threesome is inevitable for some. And why not, on the face of it, all three mean “to make secure or certain”. But the devil is in the details. The key to their proper usage lies in who or what or how much. Use:

Assure for people;
Ensure for things; and
Insure for money.

Example:  The travel agent called to assure me that the trip itinerary was finalized but wanted to ensure that she had the correct spelling of my full name as it appears on my passport. She also urged me to insure any valuable jewelry I might be taking with me on the trip.


AirHelp logo

Travel Tip  
Flight Delay Refunds

I've shared this tip with some of you already, but If you’re flying a European airline during any part of your travels this summer and end up with flight delays, play close attention: airline passenger rights matter across the pond so you could be eligible for a refund of up to $650 with little effort required on your part. Thanks to AirHelp, I received $425 for a delayed flight to Europe last summer. Here's how.
Marigolds and Mint

Over the Fence  
A Repelling Garden 

I'm constantly reminded about the value of saying "hi" to the neighbors, even to those living more than a few doors down. Like the other day, when a neighbor and I exchanged pleasantries as I was walking past her house with my dogs. While you might already be aware of this useful tidbit, she shared a gardening tip with me the other day: keep potted marigolds and peppermint plants around your outdoor seating areas. Not only will they add a splash of color and a refreshing scent to your patio living, but they're also among these other natural 'skeeter repellents.

What's Inside

Trip Photo Gallery
Stockholm Surprise 

Summer Travel Tip
Flight Delay Refunds 

Grammar  Fix
AssureEnsure or Insure

Over the Fence
Psst...A Gardening Secret


Lady and the Panda

Perfect Pocket Scanner?

Book Cover of Lady and the Panda for Book Review By C.S. White

Lady and the Panda

Who isn't captivated by the panda, one of the world's most beloved and exotic animals? It's the reason that I picked up this book when a good friend who read it on her way to China strongly recommended it to me. Journalist Vicki Constantine Croke did a great job with the narrative, recounting the dramatic expedition to China that was led by America’s first female explorer — young New York socialite and flapper Ruth Harkness. Her mission: to capture and bring back the first-ever live giant panda to the United States. Not lost in this true tale, and as intriguing as what would ultimately be two such expeditions, is the lasting bond that formed between Harkness and the irresistible bears — and China itself. Read More 
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Genius Scan

From wrinkled or lightly printed receipts to hard copies I have to markup by hand, this free "pocket scanner" app by Grizzly Labs produces scans of amazing clarity using the camera function of my smartphone. It even reverses out text on dark backgrounds. This is a plus for me as an editor, since sometimes my only option is to edit a hard copy of, say, a map or ad because it was inserted into a layout as a jpeg, rendering it uneditable electronically. Phone cameras don't always capture the right perspective if the paper isn't perfectly flat, but Genius Scan has an easy tool that allows you to crop your scan or photo and/or put it into perspective with the touch and drag of a fingertip. (Hint: You can also use this feature to fix any skewed architectural photos you snap while on vacation!) Once you’re satisfied with the result, you can instantly save it, email it, or share it on FB or Twitter as a PDF or jpeg. Get Genius Scan+ ($6.99) and export your scan or photo to cloud services like Expensify, Dropbox and Google Drive. Available for iOS and Android devices.

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