sober good works

this doesn't happen every day. Gene is on day 205 today. and she's sober (hooray) and so is her brother (recently) and her father (very recently). 

i got this email from her about a month ago: "My brother told me that he is about halfway through your book. I'm so thankful that you exist and that you wrote a book. Besides what your sharing has meant for MY own wellness and sobriety, your work has helped my brother, and for that I can never thank you enough. You don't know him, but he has always been the sweetest boy and now man ,,, there is no one who deserves love, support and encouragement more than my brother. You have given him all of that, as you do for all of us, and for that I am forever grateful. I will set up a scholarship for your readers (what the hell are we called anyway?) for helping my brother."

then I got an email from her brother. then i got another update about newly sober dad.

and then this from G: "My thoughts about the scholarship include these: it's really difficult for me to "choose" one thing or the other to support ... who am I to say that the OMMs, for example, would't have an even broader impact than a jumpstart scholarship. So maybe I will make a recurring monthly gift and you choose what you need the money for most that month -- for the OMMS, podcasts, or for a person who can't afford a jumpstart class. Maybe that's too much for you to have to deal with in terms of adding that choice to your list of things to deal with. And then I thought maybe if I start a monthly donation, that could be used to inspire others to do the same."

me: perhaps for the donation thing, it could be something like “good works” and the funds could be used to send out books, to sponsor scholarships, to support the OMMs, or other 'sober discounts' that help to keep us engaged. I would like to use it to make things ‘larger’ – i'd like it to make things more accessible to a larger group of people, whatever that means. also, I think in all fairness, I’d report on what i'm doing with the money, so that you can (a) know and (b) have some input :)

gene: "I will make mine *The Gene & B4 Family Recurring Donation*, or something like that. Is there a way to set up your PayPal, or whichever, system, to be autopay on a monthly basis? If not, I think you should figure that out because people like me will forget to go on that system every month to donate."

me: thanks and idea is super generous, really. I think it’d be fun to set up give-aways or contests that re-engage people, and have the prizes be ‘donated’. 

for a one-time gift for Sober Good Works, OR for a recurring donation, you can do it here.  :) huglets from me


and then a few days passed.
and then yesterday the first deposit was made into the "sober good works" fund :) 

so to celebrate, today, and to re-engage you, and to celebrate and to dance and tap dance and to celebrate and to celebrate (excited much?), here's a discount for you. with thanks to the brand new sober good works fund. (hoo-fucking ray.)

I've made an audio of Month #1 of my blog, it's 2.5 hrs long and it's me reading and reflecting at the end of each entry as to what's different from the vantage point now of 4.5 years later, including correcting some ideas i had back then that turned out to be complete bullshit. Regular price for the 2.5 hrs of audio is $39. For today, you can pay what you can afford. 

  • There are 10 copies of the audio available at $10 off ($29)
  • There are 10 copies of the audio available for 50% off ($19.50)
  • There are 10 copies of the audio available for free

and very many thank yous. to Gene and to everyone. some days i have the coolest choices to make. like 'what can i do today to make it easier for you to be sober' ...

hugs from me

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