from me:

I'm working on a writing thing and I really am rotten at deadlines and stuff. So if i have a bit of accountability, I'll do better. I share my plan here, you nag me occasionally, it's all good.
(Note: Get accountability)

OK, here's the plan. I'm going to release this new writing project in stages. Because if I break it into pieces, it doesn't seem so large and unmanageable.
(Note: Look to the next smallest goal)

(Note: Have some kind of plan even if you have to revise it as you go along)

Version 1.0 - Compile, edit and standardize the first 12 months of the blog, in order, with selected comments.
Format: Big PDF file
Due Date: April 15th, currently available for presale
If you'd like me to email you the 400+ page file once it's ready, you can go here.

Version 2.0 - New writing (before and after) as seen in the secret writing project snippets.
Date: TBA

Version 3.0 - Selected audio readings of some of the blog posts, with anecdotes, like a director's cut version.
Date: TBA

Version 4.0 - In book format, like an actual paper book. Holy.
Date: TBA


As each new version gets closer to being finished, I'll be able to update the dates. For now, just know that I'm puttering along.

My sober treats to help with motivation:
Take out lunch from the deli every Wednesday, flowers on Fridays, and a movie on Sundays. Or something like this. Sort of. Thereabouts.
(Note: Always have treats)

If you have ideas on how to improve each version let me know (ask for feedback). If you'd like to periodically nag me and ask if Version 1 is finished yet, you can do that (accountability is good). If you'd like to sign up to get Version 1 when it's released, you can do that here.

me xo

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