Week of December 6, 2015
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Letter from Allison:

Dear Families, 

It is painful to see what is happening in our world. In this past week's news reports, we're faced with another horrific shooting rooted in hatred and profound disconnection from others. And yet, it isn’t just “another” or “again.” It is 14 families forever changed and more people’s lives shaken to their foundation. I know I am one of many people who gasped when hearing the news of this “another," who had to take a pause, a deep breath, and then find a way to return to the work of our everyday lives. It seems unfair to do so and yet hope and action are the things we can hold dear.


We have to remember and look to other forms of hope this week. Thank you to those of you who have participated in the first five days of our Extreme Giving campaign. This week we raised thousands of dollars for our Tuition Assistance Program (see article below) including 10 dollars from a child’s tooth fairy money! (Wow.) Thank you to the amazing grandfriends who visited with us and to the incredible volunteers who made Book Fair happen, and who curated such a beautiful and wide ranging group of books. Literature and curiosity begets empathy and deep intelligence. It lightens life up. Thank you to all of you who helped out.


Here’s to another week of hope. As you know, on Wednesday we will have a lockdown drill. This unfortunately named drill is a necessary part of our safety preparations, though classroom teachers will speak with students in different ways about this as they prepare for the drill itself. Some preprimary classrooms are talking about it as a “in-classroom drill” or a “sheltering drill,” while primary classrooms may choose to use the word lockdown. In every case, children will be prepared for the drill in advance, and we will be using drums to signal the beginning of the drill. We expect it will be calm and we will conduct this drill without causing fear, but while discussing and practicing safety in our school.


Please hold these families in your minds.
- Allison

News & Weekly Recap


Update: #GivingTuesday 

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who joined in our 10 Days of Extreme Giving campaign this past week! The Annual Fund saw our parent participation jump from 32 to 50 percent! A special congratulations goes out to KC who became the first class to reach 100% participation! 

The pool of money funding our 10-to-1 match stands at $158,000. With the enthusiastic support we have received from our community this week, we have almost exhausted our entire match pool. Please consider giving soon to take advantage of multiplying the impact of your gift by 10. Also, if you are interested in supporting the match pool, it's not too late to give so we can match even more donations. 

The 10 Days of Extreme Giving match challenge will run through Thursday, December 10. Remember, all gifts will be directed toward tuition assistance. The Advancement Team will be in the lobby all week to process gifts or you can donate online here.

Our goal is to raise $250k with 100% parent participation by Friday, December 18. Every gift matters. Thank you again for your tremendous support!

Get ready for Bluelapalooza…

The Families Association is hosting the 3rd Annual Blue School Talent Show on Sunday, March 7, 2016 so mark your calendars and practice your act because submissions for the show are officially open - now through January 15! Calling all artists, musicians, masters of their craft, actors, singers, writers, designers…this year we invite you to think outside the box and let your talents shine, whatever they may be.  For submissions, rules, information, or to be a parent volunteer, please mail:

Community Meeting Announcements:

Poetry Day for 4s/5s through 2nd Grade: 
Monday, December 7 
Next Monday Community Meeting for 4s/5s through 2nd grade, on December 7th, will be Poetry Day!  

This will be an opportunity for children from 4/5s through 2nd grade to share a MEMORIZED poem with the Community. Please note that these can be nursery rhymes and original poems as well as poems with authors.  If children are memorizing poems with authors, it's really lovely if they are able to tell the poet's name as well.

Winter Celebration
Thursday, December 17th
Mark your calendars for our Winter Celebration of Children’s Work on December 17th. Join us for a quick and crowded big school sing in the Commons at 8:45 and then for special sharing of learning in your child’s classroom and across the school until 10 am that morning.

Coffee with Allison:
Wednesday, December 9, 9-10 AM in the Studio

Learn about the co-curricular program at Blue School. Come and hear from Mari (Movement), Clare (Dramatic Arts), Anne (Music) and Caroline (Studio) about their programs and work at Blue School this year. 9-10 AM in the studio.

Early Childhood Talk with Wanda - On Sleep
Thursday, December 10th, 9-10 am
5th floor Music Room 

As parents, we all know we function best when we've had a good night's sleep. So do our children. However, getting a child to sleep and stay asleep through the night can be challenging, often leaving us feeling depleted at the end of a long day.

How can you set yourself up so bedtime is a peaceful, connected part of the day? What's happening developmentally or emotionally that affects children's sleep patterns? What routines and rituals help to ensure that bedtime is a calm, comforting and relaxing time?

We'll explore strategies to address bedtime issues that match well with your family's values and practices so that everyone gets the rest they need!


As you know, our little street is very busy at drop off and pick up. While we understand that you may need to drop off or pick up and may leave your car momentarily for that reason, we ask that you help us maintain positive relationships with our neighbors and those traveling through our area by doing so quickly. 

Reminder about Pick-Up Time:
We want to be sure Blue School is a welcoming place for families, but we need to remind you that per our handbook, parents, caregivers and students must leave the building 15 minutes after their scheduled pick-up time. This is due to the fact that we have many meetings and preparations to do for each day, and our maintenance staff have a checklist of items to do to close out the day. We have noticed that there are some floors and areas where parents or caregivers are hanging out or snacking after their program. We ask that you support the instructional program and the teachers by taking your children home or to another location at the end of their program. We are working with the Families Association to identify a list of places where families can go after your program is over.

Yearbook Committee Meeting
Tuesday, December 15 after drop off

There will be a yearbook committee meeting on Tuesday, December 15 after drop off at Acqua. (PLEASE NOTE: Corrected date from last newsletter. Thank you!)

Family Hub Section of the
We are beta-launching a password protected section of the website. This section will house photo galleries, an online bulletin board, and our newsletter archive. To access this page, please visit or, then “Vibrant Community” to find “Family Hub.” The password is 241!Water -- you only have to put the password in once. If you are interested in adding to the bulletin board or photo galleries, please email -- thank you in in advance.

We are looking for a way to notify you when changes to the webpage have been made. For now, we will list updates here: Information about editorial style photography for families have been added to the Bulletin Board.

Upcoming Events

Poetry Day
Community Meeting
Mon., Dec. 7
8:45 am

Coffee with Allison
Wed. Dec. 9
9 am

Early Childhood Talk with Wanda
Thu., Dec. 10
9-10 am

Parent to Parent Breakfast
 Fri., Dec. 11

Yearbook Committee Meeting
Tues., Dec. 15

Family Winter Celebration
Thu., Dec. 17

Feeling Blue Performance
Jan. 28 - 30, 2016
tickets here!


Archived Newsletters
Interested in reading past Newsletters?  Click through here to access archived news from Blue School.

Flu Vaccination
As a reminder, all students in the 2s, 3s, and 4s/5s programs must have received a flu vaccine by the end of December for full immunization compliance with this school year. Once your child receives the flu vaccination, please upload the relevant documentation to your Magnus Health account. If you have any questions about Magnus or this immunization requirement, please contact Lauren Miller at
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