Week of November 13
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Dear Families,

This has been an intense week to be sure. By the time you read this, I hope we all have used the weekend to restore ourselves somewhat after this long and tense election season.

I have moved through many stages of many different emotions this week in service of restoration.  I have been inspired and supported by the incredible teachers, educators and leaders around me who, through it all, have been present and hopeful with children and communities, promotive of civility and respect, and exceptionally kind.

It is the children, however, who are showing me the way.

On Thursday morning, I went for a run to settle my thoughts. I found myself grappling with deep sadness about the loss of the opportunity to live in a nation that elected a female president and for the future that might have been. I know this moment will come one day, but when I think of what my grandmother and my mother have lived through and fought for to ensure that it was possible, it both roils and breaks my heart. When I thought about the possibility of my daughter and son being adolescents under female presidential leadership, I felt a swell of pride, the same pride I feel at every achievement I have earned in my own life as a result of what my mother and grandmother taught me and gave up for me. Among other things, I also felt deeply concerned about the language and behaviors that some in our nation may feel emboldened to use as a result of the tenor of this election.  Regardless of which candidate one supports, in our school and in our nation, we strive to work against bias, against hateful words, against bullying and disrespect. We work here and in America - in whatever flawed or awkward ways - towards liberty and justice for all, and for the pursuit of happiness. And I want to believe - and have experienced - that people can love and respect and learn across differences, however mighty or ideological. That is the world I want our children to inherit and to believe in.

Returning home that morning, having watched the sun rise again over the changing trees, I sat down next to my daughter. When I told her what was troubling me, she turned to me and said, “But you know, there are so many people who are good and kind, and who are working hard to do the right thing. There are still so many good people and we have to work hard to find the best in each person.” There are so many similar anecdotes just like this one that transpired this week in our school and, I'm sure, in your homes.

While it remains essential to honor whatever feelings we are having this week as well as the important work ahead to fight for what is right, it helps to try to lean into the wisdom we can glean while listening to children at home and at school. They are our better angels. Let them give us strength for an open mind and an open heart so we can look for the best in each person and allow the change to begin with each of us. Let them show us the “cracks in everything,” because, as Leonard Cohen so aptly reminds us, “that’s how the light gets in.”


Blue School Snapshots

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Poetry Day at Community Meeting
Monday, November 14
8:45 am -The Commons

The first Poetry Day at Community Meeting, for children in 4/5s through second grade, will be Monday, November 14!

This will be an opportunity for interested children to share a memorized poem with the Community.   Parents, please note that these can be nursery rhymes and original poems, as well as poems with authors. If children are memorizing poems attributed to authors, it's really lovely if they are able to tell the poet's name as well.   Preparing for Poetry Day is a great opportunity to spend some time with your child reading through poetry books and choosing and practicing a poem together.

Blue School Elevator Pitch 
Monday, November 14
9:15 - 9:30 am, The Commons

Join us following Community Meeting on 11/14 for 15 minutes to finesse your Blue School elevator pitch. Lilah Fisher Wise, James David and Dawn Williams will provide you with simple talking points as well as materials to share with your friends!  

Early Childhood Talk
Thursday, November 17th
9-10 am, 5th floor music room

Join us for an Early Childhood Talk with Wanda Frankel and Laura Sedlock titled "Understanding children’s friendships". During the preschool years, children’s friendships become more complex and intriguing as they develop social worlds outside of their family life. Children are figuring out who they are as individuals and how they fit into their newly-forming peer groups. What can we expect of children this age in terms of friendships? What is a parent’s role in helping children choose and navigate friendships? How can young children be supported to understand and accept differences among people? How do we determine if play is safe and constructive for everyone and yet allow space for the play to evolve organically? Come join us with your questions as we explore children’s growing understanding of social dynamics and our roles in fostering individual self-esteem and acceptance of others.

Community Parade
Tuesday, November 22 
2:30 pm, begins in front of Blue School

Come one come all and join us on Tuesday, 11/22 at 2:30 pm for our Community Parade. Join our students and teachers as they parade around the block with the joy and gratitude for all we have. Children will have costume elements and all are welcome with any portable instrument. As we mentioned weeks ago, this tradition began after Hurricane Sandy as a way to bring joy to our neighborhood, and has continued since as a joyful way to go off for Thanksgiving break with gratitude and fun.

Show Your Gratitude for our Community by Donating to the Annual Fund Drive?

Thank you to those families and employees who have already donated to the Annual Fund as well as those who have already expressed their commitment to support it. As stated in our kick off, (click here to read) we are looking for 100 percent meaningful giving to help fund innovation at Blue School and maintain the wonderful community we have here.

We are at 21 percent of our goal of raising $300,000 through the Annual Fund this year. We hope to reach 100 percent by the end of the calendar year. 

You can donate online by clicking here.

Stomping Ground Orders

While the deadline for free shipping to Blue School has passed, there is still time to order school photos from Stomping Ground! The final deadline for ordering your child's photos is Thursday, December 1. To view and order photos, visit and enter your child's online code (full first name and 6 digit date of birth). Contact if you need assistance with the ordering process.

From the Admissions Office

The primary way that families find out about Blue School is through word of mouth.  Please spread the word to your friends and leave Blue School postcards at your favorite shops, playspaces, cafes, doctors offices and bookstores. You can pick up postcards in the admissions office on the first floor.

Sibling Applications:
Sibling applications are due December 1st, but we appreciate you submitting them as soon as possible.  You will be asked to bring your child for a playgroup (2s-Ks) or student visit (1st grade and up).  You do not have to tour or come to a parent interview, although we’re more than happy to set up a time for you to tour if you would like!

Current Parent Tours:
Although we do have program information sessions for current families on the calendar, that include tours of the primary program and the middle school, please know that you are welcome to reach out to Dawn in the admissions office for individual current parent tours at any time.

Tuition Assistance:
Families applying for tuition assistance must submit their tuition assistance applications by December 15th. If you have any questions about the tuition assistance applications or the tuition assistance process, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dawn. Please note that this year all pieces of your TA application must be uploaded into SSS including the Blue School TA application and appropriate tax forms by December 15th.

Grandfriends' Gathering Save the Date:

Please save the date! Blue School’s annual Grandfriends' Gathering will be Friday, December 2. More information to come!

Updating Your Downloaded Calendar

As many of you know, you can download the school calendar to you phone. Please keep in mind that it does not have live updates. For instance, we moved the Pre-Primary Party, and that change will not show up on your phone calendar if you downloaded it at the start of the school year. You should periodically re-download the calendar by visiting

Upcoming Events

Poetry Day at Community Meeting
 Mon. 11/14 
8:45 am

Elevator Pitch Practice
Mon. 11/14
9 - 9:15 am

Middle School Info Session
(for current families)
Wed. 11/16
9 - 10 am

Early Childhood Talk with Wanda
Thur.  11/17
9 - 10 am

6th Grade Publishing Celebration
Fri. 11/18
12:50 pm

Middle School Info Session
(for current families)
Mon. 11/21
9 - 10 am

Community Parade
Tues. 11/22
2:30 pm

Thanksgiving Break
(no school)
11/23 - 11/25


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