Week of November 22, 2015
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Allison's Letter:

Hello Families!

We’re sharing some great moments at Blue School from the past week.

Inspired by conversations about materials and explorations, last year our Pre-primary teachers began discussing other ways to transform the Wonder Room to increase experiences with space transformation and wonder. After much deliberation, they decided that this year, they would use it as a Pop-Up space. Teachers worked together to first create a “leaf room,” using dried leaves collected from parents and faculty. Children romped and played in the leaves. This week, our teachers created a provocation of a mound of clay! Take a look at pictures and videos from children’s first encounter!

In addition, just outside the wonder room is the threes teachers’ response to Susan Engel’s talk at the Teaching Innovation conference pictured here. As Engel mentioned, we cultivate what we notice and count. Children’s questions are many.


Also, check out our fifth grade trip to hear Wynton Marsalis perform at Jazz at Lincoln Center (Wynton retweeted a picture of our students during the performance, which is amazing!), fourth graders learning Latin, first graders harvesting honey and first graders learning about building.  

Teacher driven ideas, initiatives, and curiosities are the lifeblood of our school. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, thank you to these teachers who made these provocations happen!
Don’t forget -- Tuesday is the Blue School Community Parade at 2:45 pm!! If you can get here to watch, please do! If your child attends a program that doesn’t meet at that time, please come back for it so they can participate!



News & Weekly Recap


Vacation Calendar

As we move through the self-study for our NYSAIS permanent accreditation, we are reflecting upon many administrative aspects of our school. One change that we have been contemplating for several years is moving our school vacation calendar to align better with the independent school calendar for the 2016-17 school year. This would be better aligned to the ISAAGNY admissions dates. This would mean having one longer (2 week) vacation in March rather than one vacation in February and one in April. We know that this shift will present both challenges and opportunities for families and children. Before we make a final decision, we hope that we can gather feedback from you about this shift. Please click here to share your opinion on this matter. We want to be sure we consider your input and feedback, even though we do know that both options will not be ideal for some.

Safety and Security

We know that safety and security are on the minds of many of us, and we have heard questions from a few of you around this question. We urge you to reread our Parent Handbook on our evacuation procedures. We review these with teachers in greater detail regularly, as well as other guidelines and practices for safety that are in our faculty Operations Handbook.

We also want you to know that we will be scheduling a lockdown drill in early December, and we are conducting a survey of faculty members to understand their questions about emergency preparedness so that we can assess where we might want to increase knowledge and skills in specific areas.

Flu Shot Reminder:

Due to changes in the NY State Department of Health Immunization Regulations, all students in the 2s, 3s, and 4s/5s program are required to have a flu vaccination for this school year. This vaccination must be given by December 31st. Please upload all relevant documentation to your Magnus Health account once you have proof of the vaccination. If you have any questions about this requirement, please email Lauren Miller (

Applying for Tuition Assistance (K-7th)

Families with children entering kindergarten through 7th grade in 2016 are welcome to apply for tuition assistance. The application link is available here.

All Tuition Assistance applications (and accompanying forms) must be submitted by December 15th, 2015.  If you have any questions at all, please email Dawn Williams (


As you know, our little street is very busy at drop off and pick up. While we understand that you may need to drop off or pick up and may leave your car momentarily for that reason, we ask that you help us maintain positive relationships with our neighbors and those traveling through our area by doing so quickly. 

Movement Blogs:

Check out what is happening in our 5th grade movement class here!


Retakes and Makeups are now available to view online. Visit to order.  The deadline for free shipping on ALL orders has been extended to December 2nd. Your online code is: 
Students First name + 6 Digit DOB.

Community Parade:
Tuesday, November 24 at 2:45 pm

The annual Blue School Community Parade is Tuesday, 11/24, at 2:45pm. Music, costumes, cheering-- it will all be there! Students will parade from school to Front Street and conclude with a few songs in front of Bowne Stationers. We will create a map of where families and faculty should stand along the parade route. Map Here!

Lost and Found
All items not claimed by 11/24 ( the day before we break for Thanksgiving) will be donated to charity. Just an FYI for you, we donate the clothes in lost & found before every major break..Thanksgiving, winter break, spring break, etc.
Extended Day Reminder:

Please remember that there is no extended day on Tuesday, November 24.

Please RSVP for Grandfriends' Gathering:
December 2-4

The  Annual Grandfriends' Gathering is December 2 through December 4 (varies by child class). Invitations have been sent to all registered Grandfriends. To help classroom planning, please RSVP to as soon as possible.


For more information on the Grandfriends Gathering click here.

Early Childhood Talk with Wanda - On Sleep
Thursday, December 10th, 9-10 am
5th floor Music Room 

As parents, we all know we function best when we've had a good night's sleep. So do our children. However, getting a child to sleep and stay asleep through the night can be challenging, often leaving us feeling depleted at the end of a long day.

How can you set yourself up so bedtime is a peaceful, connected part of the day? What's happening developmentally or emotionally that affects children's sleep patterns? What routines and rituals help to ensure that bedtime is a calm, comforting and relaxing time?

We'll explore strategies to address bedtime issues that match well with your family's values and practices so that everyone gets the rest they need!

Yearbook Committee Meeting
Thursday, December 10, after drop off

There will be a yearbook committee meeting on Thursday, December 10 after drop off at Acqua.

Family Hub Section of the
We are beta-launching a password protected section of the website. This section will house photo galleries, an online bulletin board, and our newsletter archive. To access this page, please visit or, then “Vibrant Community” to find “Family Hub.” The password is 241!Water -- you only have to put the password in once. If you are interested in adding to the bulletin board or photo galleries, please email -- thank you in in advance.

We are looking for a way to notify you when changes to the webpage have been made. For now, we will list updates here: Information about editorial style photography for families have been added to the Bulletin Board.

Upcoming Events

Blue School Community Parade
Tues, Nov. 24
2:45 pm

Save-the-Date: Grandfriends Gathering
-- 2sA: Wed., Dec. 2
-- 2sB: Thu., Dec. 3
-- 2sD: Thu., Dec. 3
-- 3sC: Thu., Dec. 3
-- All remaining grades/sections: Fri., Dec. 4
-- See below for more information

Early Childhood Talk with Wanda
Thu., Dec. 10
9-10 am

Yearbook Committee Meeting
Thu., Dec. 10

Parent to Parent Breakfast
 Fri., Dec. 11


Archived Newsletters
Interested in reading past Newsletters?  Click through here to access archived news from Blue School.

Flu Vaccination
As a reminder, all students in the 2s, 3s, and 4s/5s programs must have received a flu vaccine by the end of December for full immunization compliance with this school year. Once your child receives the flu vaccination, please upload the relevant documentation to your Magnus Health account. If you have any questions about Magnus or this immunization requirement, please contact Lauren Miller at
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