June 5 Newsletter
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Letter from Allison:

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for the end of year cocktail event on Thursday. It was wonderful to spend time with you as we close out the year.

This week, I happened upon David Brooks’s piece in the New York Times about big and little loves, and while the entire piece is worth diving into, I draw your attention to this portion:

In daily life we have big and little loves, too. The little loves, like for one’s children, one’s neighborhood or one’s garden, animate nurture, compassion and care. The big loves, like for America or the cause of global human rights, inspire courage and greatness. A little love is a shepherd protecting his flock. A great love is Martin Luther King Jr. leading his people.

The small attachments serve as the foundation of our emotional lives, but when you have a big love for your country or a cause, you are loving something that transcends a lifetime. You are pursuing some universal ideal and seeking excellence. A big love involves using power well, seeking honor and glory and being worthy of them.

We aspire to bring big loves into our work with children at Blue School, and as we go into the last stretch of school, I invite you to walk into our commons on Tuesday morning at 9:30, where our 5th graders will be presenting multi-genre projects as culminations of their (skillfully-guided) yearlong study of human and civil rights. We seem to have bred some big loves with this study, and we hope that these transcendent ideas and passions that take us out of ourselves can drive us and our students to be more and more worthy of honor and glory.

We hope you will join us and them as they show what they know.

-- Allison

News & Weekly Recap


Parent Math Workshop: Preventing Summer Math Loss
Monday, June 6 
9 am, The Studio

For Primary and Middle (though all parents are welcome). Every year many students experience a loss of math skills during the summer months.  In our final parent math workshop of the year we will look at various resources that provide students with opportunities to use and have fun with math throughout the summer.  We will also discuss ways to approach summer math that allow children to feel successful and confident going into the next school year.

5th Grade Hall of Activists
Tuesday, June 7
The Commons, 9:30 - 10:45 am

The fifth graders have been studying activists.  Guided by the idea that no human being is a single story, they're working to tell some of the more important stories from different parts of their lives using poetry, art, music, and other forms.  We've called it a Multigenre Research Project because they've been given the freedom to show what they've learned in lots of ways.  Every student has produced a timeline, five pieces of work, and done a portrait of the person.  They've also chosen an artifact to represent their activist.  Some of the people they've studied include Susan B. Anthony, Malcolm X, Dolores Huerta, Pete Seeger, and Frederick Douglass.  We will have a gallery display of their work from 9:30 am to 10 am and a panel discussion from 10 am to 10:45 am.

5th Grade Moving Up Celebration
Thursday, June 9
Commons, 6:00 pm -7:00 pm

Fifth grade families! Please join us in a Moving Up Celebration for our fifth graders.  We'll look back at the year and celebrate what's ahead! Light refreshments will be served. RSVP here.  

The Enormous Mustache Image Gallery is here! 

A hearty congratulations to our fantastic cast and crew on the tremendous work they did on the Enormous Mustache! Click through for a gallery of images taken by the amazing Oskar Landi!

REMINDER: No School for Children on Friday, June 10th

There is no school for students on Friday, June 10th. Your classroom teachers should have already reached out about times for your family to be part of portfolio shares, but there will be no regularly scheduled classes that day. Our 6th graders come in from 8:45 am -11:45 am for their Presentations of Learning.

Field Day Info
Wednesday, June 15

Blue School’s 3rd annual Field Day will be held on June 15th at the Battery Park City Ballfields. All students, parents, and caregivers are invited to join us for the day. If you have a student in the 2s or 3s program and do not regularly have class that day, you or a caregiver are invited to attend with your child.

REMINDER: Last day of School

Please note that on Friday, June 17th, the last day of school, pick up for all programs will be at 1 pm.
1stB Visits 233 Water Street

Our 1st graders in 1st Grade B have been studying building and construction and were recently given a sneak peek of 233 Water Street and special tour with architects from Pell Overton.  They asked a lot of great questions about what it takes to do construction and renovate a building and used their knowledge from their own building studies to give Ben and Tate some tips! Take a look at some images from the day

Family Hub Section of the

We are beta-launching a password protected section of the website. This section will house photo galleries, an online bulletin board, and our newsletter archive. To access this page, please visit or, then “Vibrant Community” to find “Family Hub.” The password is 241!Water -- you only have to put the password in once. If you are interested in adding to the bulletin board or photo galleries, please email -- thank you in in advance.

We are looking for a way to notify you when changes to the webpage have been made. For now, we will list updates here: Information about editorial style photography for families have been added to the Bulletin Board.

Upcoming Events

Math Workshop with Meredith
Mon. 6/6
9 am

 5th Grade Hall of Activists
Tue. 6/7
9:30 am

5th Grade Moving Up Celebration
Thur. 6/9
6 pm

6th Grade Presentations of Learning
Fri. 6/10
8:45 am

- Portfolio Share Day
Fri. 6/10

Field Day
Wed. 6/15

Last Day of School
Fri. 6/17
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