Going to ground
November was a hard month, culminating what was, in so many a ways, a hard year. And in 2017, we’re all going to have lots to do. So we hope you have a chance to take a break, drink your favorite holiday spirits, and get some sleep this season. Light a candle against the darkness -- or in the Southern Hemisphere head to the beach -- and enjoy the Percolator 2016 Mixtape

Meanwhile, let us help you get ready for next year with better tech, as our blog gets nerdy about broadcast email and strong Salesforce integration (and again!). Then check out a great (and recently mobile) integrated web platform we worked on for The Mountaineers.



Election blues have you blocked?  

Engagement online takes a lot of creativity. If you are running on empty at year's end, let M+R's Social Media Content Generator light a spark.

Stories that inspire, for real

The news enrages, yes, but it often inspires, too. Imagine if the news turned readers into volunteers? This new app promises to do just that.

Do something! (Like a pro)

This former Congressional staffer laid down some knowledge on being heard in DC

Bouncing back

Campaigning is hard. Are you practicing resiliency?


Already done with our mixtape? Find new tunes all over the globe with
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