Rules of Engagement

Want to step up your supporter engagement, but don't know where to start? Over the next few months, we're going to visit each of the levels in a typical engagement pyramid - their qualities, common supporter roles, and the best strategies for moving people from one level to the next. Starting right now, with Observers. Come on...we'll tell you more.

If volunteers star in your engagement pyramid, we think you'll like Washington Trail Association's lovely volunteer management system. And all of us could use some inspiration for organizing in the Trump era. If you're heading to the Nonprofit Technology Conference in DC this week, catch presentations from Karen and Barbara, or let us know and we'll happily discuss any of these topics with you in person. :) 


Same data, new view just released a package with tons of new reports. (67!) There's a guide to help NPSP administrators install and customize them. Check it out.

A little love for the EPA

We love Valentine's Day, and we especially loved STAND's campaign to send valentines to EPA staffers.

One-click volunteer shopping 

It's one thing to declare your values; it's another to do them. A new directory of Seattle volunteer opportunities makes doing good easier. Choose your cause.

Say what?

Tech speak sometimes gets in the way  Alphabet built an urban dictionary for tech jargon, using simple analogies. And cat videos.


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