Happy Day-After-Election Day! Like a lot of the country, the team at Percolator spent last night glued to our TVs and computers watching returns and there’s a lot that makes us hopeful about the future. Taking back the House! Big gubernatorial wins in Wisconsin and Kansas(!). Democrats have complete control (State House, State Senate, and Governor's office) in six more states than they did yesterday. And there are a record number of women headed to Congress. We welcome the new voices that will advocate for progressive values and challenge the racist, sexist vitriol coming out of the White House. 

This is huge progress, people. So today, celebrate. Tomorrow, get back to work.

Already thinking about how to further strengthen your GOTV muscle? We got a demo recently of a VAN/Salesforce integration built by Josh Cohen, founder of the awesome Open Supporter Data Interface project (among other great work). The integration allows you to sync Salesforce contacts with VAN supporters nightly, including customizable rules about who and what data to include. If you're currently using VAN and Salesforce, take a look! You can find out more here. 

For those of you with 501(c)(4) entities, did you know that 501(c)(4) organizations in the U.S. are eligible for’s 10 free licenses grant? It’s true! Originally the grant program was only available to 501(c)(3) organizations but has broadened its granting policy. 

Are you headed to the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Portland next March? We are, too! We’ll be talking about successful online communities and what it takes to makes them work. Check out our session and let us know if you’ll be at NTC. If you drop us a line we can make a date to buy you some Coava coffee or a beer from Hair of the Dog Brewery. 

Speaking of successful online communities, this case study takes you inside the Investor Portal we built for Ceres in Boston. And since we’re in the midst of the electoral season, don’t forget about the Digital Advocacy and Salesforce Report, which has everything you need to know about choosing an advocacy tool that integrates with Salesforce. 

Finally, one of our favorite clients, Sacred Heart Community Service in San Jose, just published an article on how a focused technology investment improved service to their constituents, helped align a key program with the organization’s values, and saved their community approximately $200,000 in productivity. We are grateful to partner with clients like Sacred Heart! 




Artist Greg Dunn etches the pathways of the brain.  Can you guess which part is which?*

Should you be participating in #Giving Tuesday?
This blog post from will help you think it through.

Community love!  
Could an online be right for your organization? It was for ArtCorps. And Ceres!

*Clockwise from top left: the thalamus and basal gangli, a close up of parietal gyrus, the visual cortex, and the brainstem. 
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