Dries Visser Safaris Newsletter: September 2017
It is unbelievable how times fly, when you are having fun. We are way past the halfway mark of our hunting season and still going strong. Each group of hunters brings its own challenges but also a new feel of excitement to the camp.

And don’t think that our younger hunters have the louder voices. Oh no, age has got nothing to do with it. No matter the age, everybody joins in the atmosphere, experience and pleasure of just being in Africa, being part of something, something not everybody has the privilege of experiencing in their lifetime.
Every morning starts off with a buzzing of who is going where for what type of animal. Getting everything ready, sipping on a hot steaming cup of coffee and biting on a fresh piece of toast while the sun rises on another magnificent day in Africa.

Loading the trucks and getting everybody settled in to where they have to be, some in a blind, some in a tree and some stalking through the bushveld landscape. A combination of excitement and anxiety on what the new day will bring.

Being able to experience the animal’s behaviour and interaction with each other and other species sharing the same waterhole is priceless.  Being able to choose game that suits your specific hunting requirements makes it difficult to want to hunt anywhere ells. The mental picture you form in your head of what you think Africa’s game looks like, does not come close to the real deal. A person only starts to get an idea after a few days being able to see them in their natural environment.
The hooting sound of a PH’s truck, announcing to everybody that a hunter has successfully harvested a trophy, still brings chills down my spine. Knowing how much goes into hunting Africa’s game. Being able to come within the animals comfort zone and fooling all of his senses, making that perfect shot and retrieving it successfully, is a challenge that hunters come back for year after year after year. It’s probably the healthiest type of addiction there is.

And then at the end of the day, when everybody is back in camp, discussing the day’s adventures over a cold drink and a crackling fire brings a sense of comradery among ordinary people who has ordinary lives but shares the passion for nature, conservation and hunting.

Everybody wishes they booked just a few days longer. Something we hear all the time at the end of a hunt is: “if I only took that one as well”. One more, turns into two and that turns into a comeback for the next year, because there will always be something else to hunt. Africa has such a variety of wildlife to offer that you will never get enough.

We would like to share one of our hunters experience with you that managed to hunt some Great animals with us early in the season already. Animals like Sable, Kudu and Buffalo where but a few of the great African Trophies he managed to harvest. Read through his experience and have a look at a short clip of all the animals he hunted.

Hunter: Randy Laskowsky
This was my first time to Africa, I couldn’t have been more luckier because I picked the right Outfitter, this Place is top notch and 5 star all the way.
I have to say I was very impressed with not only the quantity of animals here. I was equally impressed with the quantity of trophies I was able to harvest. How could it get any better, 10 Great animals in 11 days of hunting? The blinds we sat in where probably the best and most comfortable anywhere, I’m convinced. My PH and tracker were absolutely great people. At Dries Visser Safaris you show up as a client and they make you feel as you leave as friends. I have already booked for next year.

Watch the video
Randy Laskowsky
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