Dries Visser Safaris Newsletter: May 2017
Another month has passed and the hunting season is creeping up on us. Seasons are changing, the evenings are getting longer and the days are getting shorter…
The Dries Visser Safaris Team is hard at work preparing for our 2017 hunters. We pride ourselves with comfortable, clean and relaxing accommodation, combined with mouth-watering African Kwizines and tasteful wines, our staff being at your service 24/7 and you enjoying the majestic beauty of the African Bushveld.
We are one of a few, privately owned, bow-hunting Safaris that have a very high standard of animals to pick and choose from. On our ranch you can hunt almost any Southern African plains-game animal there is and from this season we have also introduced Golden Wildebeest to be hunted. A remarkable incline in the interest of our Sable and Buffalo packages have been noticed and with Black Wildebeest and Springbuck now also available on the ranch, we have just so much more to offer you!
We have always taken a lot of care with regards to the detail of our pit blinds, the position of our tree stands and location of our spot and stalk areas. We are privileged in that we were able to extend our hunting area, thereby offering you an ever better hunt.

Brand new pit blinds were added to the extended hunting area and extra care was taken with the building of these new pit blinds. The position of the blind, the placement of the one sided windows, the shooting hole and camera window was very well thought through. The waterholes were placed strategically, so that the hunters can be given the best shooting opportunities.
In the end it’s all of these small things that make a big difference to having a successful hunt. 
Next month we will be showing you the end result of all the hard work. We will be talking more about why we did the pit blinds the way we did them and how to choose the best direction and location for a successful blind.
We are very excited about our new release of the Dries Visser Safaris Hunting DVD Vol. 12. It’s another jam packed DVD, filled with action shots and some feedback from the hunters themselves. One of the best ways to prepare for an African-hunt is to watch these hunting DVDs that are packed with information and experience. The more informed and equipped you are the better success you will have. Cover all your bases and acquaint yourself with the animals of Africa.
Dries Visser Safaris Presents Africa's Best Bowhunts Vol. 12
One of our 2016 hunters, Paul Atkins, based in Alaska wanted to share his experience of hunting in Africa:

Paul Atkins     

I could see the red dust filtering through the trees long before I could see what was making it. The sun had just broke the skyline and the thorn was full of African sounds...and then they showed up. Six big Cape buffalo bulls emerging like gladiators coming straight for the tree I was in.

I stood trying unsuccessfully to control my breathing and do my best to keep from shaking. I finally was able to get the Scott release on the d-loop the fourth time, picturing the shot over and over in my mind.  In my 35 years of bow hunting this was going to be the most important shot I would ever make on any animal.

This was my third trip to Africa on a bow hunting safari. The first coming in 2003, the second in 2009 and the third this past summer 2016. All have been incredible and all have been with Dries Visser Safari’s. The reason is they are simply the best. As outdoor writer I have had the privledge of bow hunting in several places around the globe, but nothing compares to Dries’. The attention to detail and the incredible camp they have is truly something that will keep you coming back again and again. I know did for me.

I’ve taken 21 species with my good friends Dries and Hein and it has not only been some of the greatest hunts of my life, but the trophy quality has been superior. From my 56” Kudu in 2003 to the top ten world class Impala,all have been incredible.

This year it was no different. For many years I wanted to hunt Cape buffalo, and it has always been a dream of mine to do this with a bow. So, with the help of Dries and his awesome staff we got it all lined out for the end of June last year.

The 15-hour plane ride over was easy compared to the old days and even though I was tired I was still super excited as we pulled into the Citadel, Dries’ main camp. Hein my old friend and PH was there to greet me and like always had dinner prepared and ready as we entered the lodge.

After a decent sleep and a good breakfast, Hein, myself and my tracker Jonas were loaded up and heading into the bush to see what we could find. This is actually one of my favorite parts of safari. As normal we saw plenty, big Kudu, Impala and just about everything under the African Sun. We were however looking for buffalo or at least where they may have crossed the road in the night. 

It didn’t take long until we cut a track and were able to determine that they were in a certain area. The area turned out to be a prime location for an ambush, but instead of a blind it would be from a tree. 

One of the great things about Dries’ place and Hein in particular is that they give you options or suggest what should work best and then if you like it you go forward, if not you try something else. The tree sounded fine to me, especially since Hein and I had did it years before on a group of Black Wildebeest that just wouldn’t cooperate.

Anyway Jonas hung a stand and built a mini blind around it in no time. The plan was for me to be in it the next morning as the bulls made their way to water. What a great plan.

The next morning found me in the top of the Acasia tree and Hein a few trees over filming and watching from there. Like clockwork six big bulls came out of the dust and towards the tree I was sitting in. The water hole was a bit to my left, so I knew the bulls would come within 20 yards of my position. The bulls mingled, and then hesitated, sniffing the wind looking for danger. I was shaking thinking can this really be happening, something I’ve dreamed of doing all my life? 

Slowly and methodically the bulls pushed on towards water, allowing me to get a good look at their headgear. The bull I wanted was in the back. A big body with a massive boss and up turned horns. At 18 yards he stopped, giving me a hard quartering away shot. I knew the BowTech BT-X combined with the 914 grain Grizzly stick arrow and two blade broad head could do the job.

With my 20-yard pin on his last rib I released watching the arrow disappear completely. The bull jumped and like all things in Africa after a shot the landscape was empty and it was dead silent.

Hein was down from his tree and looking up at me in mine, in no time. From his smile and the fact that he was giving me the thumbs up, I knew all was good! I was happy too, knowing the shot was great and the bull would be down not to far away. With Jonas accompanying us we began the track, finding the bull piled up a hundred or so yards from my tree. I was elated, excited and in disbelief that I had arrowed such a great Buffalo. I still am actually. 

He measured 41 inches and his bosses an incredible 17” across! I couldn’t be happier!

The rest of my hunting days were just a bonus. We hunted Red Hartebeest, but with the drought that had been occurring it was tough to find the right one. The “finding” however, was one of the best parts, especially when it came to setting stands and playing the wind, never a dull moment! (Just gives me a reason to go back again!) 

In addition to the buffalo, I took another Impala and fulfilled another lifelong dream of taking a porcupine. It was awesome! The drive to the corn field in the middle of the night and then hunting in the cool night air was a lot of fun, plus the drive home in the early hours listening to some “Jacaranda radio” still echoes in my mind. 

I did get to see my good Friend Lew Pagel take several animals on what was his first Safari, and as usual ate some incredible meals, including the loin from my buffalo and Zebra steak, which were both incredible! I also got to spend time with my African friends reliving the old days and bow hunts from long ago.

It was an incredible time at Dries Visser’s this past summer and I’m really looking for forward to getting back again.

Paul D. Atkins
Outdoor Writer/Author
BowTech Ambassador
Cabela’s Ambassador
Kotzebue, Alaska

Paul Atkins
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