AB 1014 creates "Turn In Your Neighbor" restraining orders
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Send a letter to OPPOSE AB 1014 now!

AB 1014 is a NIGHTMARE for law-abiding gun owners!

ANYONE--including absolute strangers--CAN TURN YOU IN for being someone they "think" is a "significant risk"...for the mere possession of firearms.

With as little as a misunderstood Facebook post, your gun rights could be STRIPPED AWAY and your LIFE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN.

Courts would be MANDATED to issue a "Gun Violence Restraining Order" (GVRO).

Gun owners subject to a GVRO would be PROHIBITED from possessing firearms--WITHOUT WARNING.

Gun owners issued a GVRO would be subject to a "Firearm Seizure Warrant" and court-ordered CONFISCATION.

Law enforcement could SEIZE YOUR GUNS "from any place, or from any person"--including your friends and family--"in whose possession the firearm may be" at ANYTIME... day or night!

Send a letter to OPPOSE AB 1014 now!

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