Wednesday, January 8, 2014
8:30 PM
IN_JessicaKnightInstallation photo of The Logwood Series. Image courtesy Jessica Knight.

NLS is proud to invite you to a live online conversation on Wednesday, January 8 at 8:30 PM EST, with accomplished Canada-based Jamaican artist Charles Campbell, Brooklyn-based artist Chajana DenHarder and London-based artist Jessica Knight. The artists will be talking to Nicole Smythe-Johnson, ARC Magazine senior editor & art writer, about how graduate school has factored into their careers as artists thus far. IN is a series of live online conversations with art practiioners across the globe about up-to-the-minute developments in art. Consistent with the NLS mission, the conversation series is open to interaction from audience members across the globe. Questions will be accepted via email, Facebook and Twitter. Audience mambers may email us at, Tweet to us @NLSkingston hashtag #InwithNLS or send a private message at

The conversation will be aired live, Wednesday, January 8 at 8:30 PM on the NLS Youtube channel at and on Google Hangouts On Air (add to your Google+ circles).

About Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell has exhibited widely in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe, representing Jamaica and Canada in events such as the Havana Biennial and the Brooklyn Museum’s Infinite Islands exhibition. He is an active participant in the growing Caribbean contemporary arts scene as both an artist and a writer and is a regular contributor to ARC Magazine, a Caribbean arts journal. His recent work investigates the nature of time and concepts of the future using sculpture, performance and painting. He holds an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College and currently lives and works in Canada.

Campbell's practice has been primarily concerned with mapping and questioning the relationship between meaning and image, particularly as they relate to his personal and cultural background. The iconography in his current work can generally be broken down into a few recurrent motifs: Historical images, slave ships, Mandalas, the ocean and flocks of birds... These appear in different forms – patterns on the flat pictorial space of the canvas, intersecting motifs on three dimensional objects and more recently actions in the real world by way of performance. Each manifestation carries with it different notion of time and space and together they attempt to pull at the bonds between meaning, image and understanding. The intention is to create new possibilities out of the historically 'given', to inject non-linear notions of time into our linear understanding of where we came from and in some cases to "infect the present with the hopes and aspirations of a different future."

About Chajana DenHarder
Chajana DenHarder is a Dutch-born Brooklyn-based artist currently enrolled in the MFA program at Hunter. Her work has been exhibited in Washington DC at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington Projects for the Arts, and at (e)merge Art Fair. DenHarder's work spans the disciplines of performance art, photography, video and painting.

DenHarder weaves found imagery and personal photographs back and forth through the digital and the physical. The past / history, the present, the future, civilizations, space, multiverse and her own existence are all layered and torn, merged and broken again and again. Her work begins with images that are usually only seen with the eye briefly on the screen. She prints them out, returning them back into something physical again. Then rips, painst and pulls layers from different times and spaces through each other. Her work explores the forces of time, global warming, ecological transformation, political images, popular culture, places she's lived and so on. This state of flux is then re-photographed, before the paper falls or the paint dries, capturing how the artist sees in the studio. I then paint and add physical layers on the resulting photograph, with clues to the piece’s history existing below the surface, like our own bodies in time. The work is completed (or abandoned) when the digital and “real” are layered in the same piece.

About Jessica Knight
Jessica Knight was born in Kingston, Jamaica and lived there for the first nine years of her life. In 1996 she moved to a rural village in England with her mother, brother and stepfather. She later studied English Literature at Sussex University, and creative writing is often a starting point for her art projects. After graduation Jessica returned to Jamaica for six months to write her first novel, make short films, and experiment with sound. During this period she made the decision to pursue an arts-based career. Jessica recently graduated from the City & Guilds of London Art School with an MA in fine art. Her work is to be shown at the Lumen gallery in London this month.

‘The Logwood Series’ is Jessica’s latest project. She took samples of Logwood dye to a microscopy unit to generate images of the dye using a scanning electron microscope. These wall-mounted digital images were displayed as though under the observation of headless mannequins, whose old-fashioned clothing she dyed using Logwood. In this way the same material is observed by the viewer in two starkly different forms: Logwood, a dye once used to colour slaves’ clothing in Jamaica during British colonization, re-emerges in the contemporary form of a digital print, a recognizably modern medium. Here it is worth noting that Jessica is concerned with the prevalence of modern slavery throughout today’s garment manufacturing industry.

About NLS
New Local Space (NLS) is a contemporary visual art initiative and micro-gallery in Kingston, Jamaica. NLS provides professional support for the work of visual artists committed to breaking new ground in their work, builds and connects new audiences to these artists, and links these artists to the global contemporary art community. We provide the public with a platform for accessing experimental exhibitions, artist residencies, and a meeting place for new ideas and cutting edge approaches to art. NLS’ programming is an open international cultural forum grounded in the spirit of experimentation, and collaboration. The organisation operates out of a 200 sq ft garage turned white box and its 800 sq ft outdoor space, as well as through curatorial initiatives with international art spaces, and through online programming.
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