22 things you probably didn't know about Gloucester Road

Gloucester Road sign with flowers

The Golden Lion Street Festival takes place on Saturday, a free event which sees live music from Brains in Vats and Ansum & The Vibes, market stalls and a barbecue from Burger Theory.

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To mark this occasion, here are 22 things you probably didn’t know about the road you can find the pub on, the Gloucester Road:

1) The Golden Lion offers free wall space to artists. In return, they provide a piece featuring a lion.

Gloucester Road Golden Lion

Gloucester Road Golden Lion from side

2) The clock on what is now Nailsea Electrical and 102 Cookery School is forever stuck on 4.45 on its face facing the Gloucester Road.

Gloucester Road 102 Cookery School

The building is formally a Methodist church.

Gloucester Road Nailsea Electrical

3) This can be found in the garden of the Amitabha Buddhist Centre.

Gloucester Road Amitabha Buddhist Centre garden

The centre is located in an old vicarage.

Gloucester Road Old Vicarage

It also plays host to a World Peace Cafe.

Gloucester Road World Peace Cafe

4) Some shops seem frozen in time.

Gloucester Road Beacon Electrics

The Brewers Droop even has Bristol’s old 0272 dialing code, which has not existed since 1995.

Gloucester Road Brewers Droop

5) The Grade II-listed Bristol North Baths is currently being turned into a community health centre and create a library and flats. Work, however, was recently stopped on the orders of the city council in following concerns about quality and slow progress.

Gloucester Road Bristol North Baths

6) The Foresters was recently purchased for £225,000. It’s unknown who the new owners are or what their plans are for the building.

Gloucester Road Foresters

7) The Gallimaufry has its own custom lettering designed by Ged Palmer.

Gloucester Road Gallimaufry

8) Gelato Joe’s is opening soon.

Gloucester Road Gelato Joe's

9) One of the best cafes on the road is upstairs at La Ruca.

Gloucester Road La Ruca

10) This street art of Mary Poppins with a paint roller has a sister piece on Kings Road in Clifton Village.

Gloucester Road Mary Poppins

11) Redland sculptor Julian P Warren made the Sustainable Bishopston noticeboard. Some of his other works include a monkey on Whiteladies Road and a menagerie on the fence at his home on Burlington Road.

Gloucester Road metal sign

12) A wealth of artistic creativity can be found in this stretch of the road. Some paintings purchased in Room 212 (now with a Cary Grant stencil) are rumoured to be featuring in the new series of Broadchurch.

Gloucester Road North shops

13) These famous faces from the world of music including Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Madonna (we think) are drawn so badly that they must be piss-takes. Surely!

Gloucester Road paintings

14) This section of the road is known locally as Pigsty Hill.

Gloucester Road Pigsty Hill

Gloucester Road Pigsty Hill sign

It gave its name to the Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra, a scrumpy and western band formed in 1968.

Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra

15) The Prince of Wales was originally three different businesses, but has been a pub with the same name since at least 1890.

Gloucester Road Prince of Wales

16) It’s still sometimes said that Gloucester Road has the longest stretch of independent shops in the UK. That may have been true once, but is true no longer. A Sainsbury’s Local is now even the first shop on the street.

Gloucester Road Sainsbury's

17) Number 39 was a boot maker and shoe shop for more than 100 years. It was a fish and chip shop before becoming Tai Pan and now Street Food.

Gloucester Road Street Food

18) A new bar and restaurant to look forward to is The Grace, formally the Robin Hood’s Retreat pub. Owned by the people behind nearby Zazu’s Kitchen and the Greenbank in Easton, it’s due to open in early serving ales, cocktails, small plates, tapas and more.

Gloucester Road The Grace

19) Tinto Lounge was only the second Lounge when it opened in 2003. Tinto’s name came from its red colour scheme and set the pattern that the name of any new Lounge would end in ‘o’. The building was a tailors for many years before becoming Doug’s Cafe.

Gloucester Road Tinto Lounge

20) This toilet near the Wellington pub is one of only three examples of the style in Bristol, the others being on Blackboy Hill and Mina Road Park.

Gloucester Road toilet

21) MJ Dalton butchers can lay claim to having the most A-boards and signs outside their shop than any other in Bristol.

Gloucester Road MJ Dalton butchers

22) Churches in new uses are a theme of the road. These two are now the base of the Kelvin Players and the Bristol School of Gymnastics.

Gloucester Road Kelvin Players

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