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August 2015
How local business leaders are doing their part for our future!
Congratulations to the following Lake Oswego businesses:  Kyra's Bake Shop, Norris, Beggs and Simpson-Centerpointe, Babica Hen Cafe, Gubancs Pub & Restaurant, Mary's Woods at Marylhurst, and Tucci Ristorante. These are the first businesses to receive the "Leaders in Sustainability Awards" from Clackamas County. To get these awards, the businesses must meet rigorous standards. They meet goals for reduced waste, paper, water and energy use, for staff training and promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices, for providing a living wage and, and being an all around great part of our community.  
Awards will be handed out at the Lake Oswego Chamber meeting on October 23rd at City Hall in the City Council chambers. Congratulations and thanks for these great companies!

Suzanne Regan, co-owner, Kurt Spak, sous chef receiving Tucci's award

Attend the LOSN Celebration event!
Celebrate our success and shape the future!

We have a very exciting program on November 4th, 5:30 at the Holy Names Heritage Center at Mary's Woods. We will be highlighting many of the sustainability projects and organizations that are moving us toward sustainability!   
  • LOSD Superintendent Dr. Heather Beck will talk about how the schools are incorporating sustainability in a big way including incorporating sustainable building practices and clean energy into our facility upgrades.
  • City Manager Scott Lazenby will discuss the many sustainability initiatives at the city
  • We will recognize the many organizations that have joined our network as partners
  • We will have exhibitors demonstrating new ideas for sustainable practices.
  • We will involve our audience as participants in creating a vision for how we would like to shape the future.  
Food and beverages will be served!  Put this on your calendar so you can come and join us!

Green Power to the people!   Why the Lake Oswego Council voted for green power.

How are we going to get to a sustainable future? When will we just pass the law that makes it all happen? The answer is that there is no one law or one person that will create sustainability -- each person and every organization is part of the answer. We are delighted that the Lake Oswego Council recently found a great way to be part of the solution. They showed tremendous leadership with their decision to become a "green city" and switch city power to wind energy. This action will reduce the impacts of pollution and carbon emission from coal and will support the many wind-related jobs in Oregon. Thank you city council for investing in our state and buying safer and cleaner energy! 

By the way, each household can do the same, and buy wind energy from PGE. Follow this link to find out how!

Learn more about sustainability at the LOACC Academy!

The Lake Oswego Adult Community Center Academy will be holding lectures on various topics in Sustainability. For six weeks, starting Tuesday, September 8th, lectures will be held at the ACC from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Week 1 (9/8): Wicked Problems: why use this lens? What are the characteristics? And what are the solutions?

Week 2 (9/15). Climate Change: basic science, impacts, adaptation and mitigation, solutions? 
Week 3 (9/22).  Death of the American Dream: basic bargain; impacts and adaptations, solutions? 
Week 4 (9/29).  Sustainable Communities: environment, economy, society, principles, assessment, goals identification, planning, implementation, reassessment. 
Week 5 (10/6).  Campaign Finance Reform: environment, economy, society, principles, assessment, goals identification, planning, implementation, reassessment. 
Week 6 (10/13).  Effective Altruism: what makes you happy; bigger bang for the buck, priorities, lifetime giving v. estate plan.

Short bits of useful information

Surburan Sustainability Summit!

Many of our sister suburbs are involved in sustainability practices and we recently had a summit (involving lots of good desserts) to meet and greet and find out what we were doing. West Linn has an active group doing projects, Milwaukie is designing bike paths, promoting a livable community for all income groups and much more, and Beaverton has a dedicated group of citizens. Go suburbs!

Why you should buy solar now!

You have probably heard that solar energy is getting cheaper and cheaper. True. Oregon's subsidy program RETC (Residential Energy Tax Credits) reduces the price of solar, but, unless it is renewed by the legislature,  that program will end at the end of 2016. So now is the time to buy -- cheap product + subsidy. There are ways to lease solar so you get solar energy with no money down, or buy solar and after the payback period of 4-10 years, get free energy for decades.   


We have a new website!

Finally! LOSN has a website. Look for events, news, information about our partners, and information about our organization ---

The Lake Oswego Sustainability Network would love to have more people involved. We have jobs for you! You could volunteer to be at our display table at the home tour or another event. We would love to have help passing out flyers to advertise our events.  We need a designer to help with our materials. We would love to have some additional action team leaders. Or, we would love to support whatever sustainability project you have in mind! Contact: Lisa Adatto (503) 914-9678, if you would like to get involved. 

In This Issue

  • Calendar of Upcoming events
  • Chamber recognizes Business Leaders!
  • LOSN Celebration Event!
  • Green Power for the city of Lake Oswego!
  • LOACC Academy sustainability lectures
  • Short bits:  Suburban Sustainability Summit, new LOSN Website, Buy solar this year!

Calendar of upcoming events

What:  Lake Oswego Commute Challenge sponsored by the SAB
When:  August 29 - October 4

Purpose: Join your fellow LO residents in replacing your daily car trips with walking, biking, TriMet, etc., while participating in our fun, new, community event. Save gas, burn calories, get to know your community and learn how to get around LO safely outsides of your car.
More Information: Click here for more information on how to register and to get the schedule of events.

What:  Volunteer Opportunities with the Oswego Lake Watershed Council
When:  Saturday, August 29, 9 AM to noon.
Where:  Springbrook Creek adjacent to the Hope Community Church

Purpose: Clear out invasive species and replant natives along riparian areas along Springbrook Creek.
More Information: Click here for more information and to register to help.

What:  Sustainability Home Tour in Lake Oswego and West Linn
When:  October 17, 2015
Time:  1:00 PM -- 4:00 PM
Purpose:  to see how local homeowners have net savings while reducing their impacts. Learn about new products and techniques such as efficiency scores, various types of solar financing, electric vehicle leasing and more.
More Information: watch for an upcoming newsletter for additional details about the homes.

What:  The Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce recognizes local businesses as Leaders in Sustainability
When:  October 23, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM -- 10:00 AM
Where: Lake Oswego City Council Chambers, 380 A Ave Suite 3, Lake Oswego, OR 97034

What:  LOSN Celebration event (SAVE THE DATE!)

When:  November 4th
Time: 5:30 PM -- 8:00 PM
Where: Holy Names Heritage Center at Mary’s Woods, 17425 Holy Names Dr, Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Purpose: to showcase the many successful projects and achievements we have made in Lake Oswego, provide fun and interesting information about how to create a sustainable life, and work on describing the type of future we want.
Note:  Food will be served!

What:  Eco-Film Festival

When:  Rescheduled for February. Watch this spot for more information coming soon.

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