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TechTub Conference

The TechTub Conference is an opportunity for teachers who have received TechTubs to learn more about maximizing the use of technology in the classroom. Please click the link above to register for the conference!  
A New and Powerful Tool!

We have recently pushed out the GoWorksheet app to teacher and student iPads.  If you do not see it on the screen, please check the LAUSD App Catalog!  The teacher app allows you to create and edit worksheets.  The student version of the app allows the student to view and interact with the worksheet.  For more information on how to AirDrop the worksheet from the teacher to the student iPads, click the user guide link in the picture.  Enjoy!
Integration Webinar!
Click the picture to view the April webinar from our Integration Team. (Some technical difficulties at beginning of the video)
Coldwater Canyon ES
Ms. Estrada does a terrific job at using the ULS monthly materials to teach cross-curricular skills. From incorporating the iPads to connecting supplemental items as extension projects, her program is well rounded. Here, the students use the iPads to listen to the story of the week.  Students practice fluency as they read aloud. They then work on reading comprehension, writing, and math skills. Take a look at how supplemental activities can serve well for extension lessons in the Ruby Bridges Project.
Way to go Ms. Estrada!
- Iris Navas, Alternate Curriculum Support - Northeast
Integration at its best! At Lane Elementary students from Mrs. Okamoto’s class and Mrs. Inagi’s class integrate for music.  Mrs. Okamoto teaches the multiple disabilities program for kindergarten and first grades and Mrs. Inagi teaches a kindergarten general education class.  These two teachers collaborate to find meaningful opportunities for our special education students and general education students to integrate daily. Click HERE to read more...
The NEW School Based Enterprise application is now available!  School Based Enterprises (SBE) allow High School Alternate Curriculum Programs to establish small "businesses" on campus.  An SBE is an important way to teach your students life, work, and social skills!  Many of our classrooms across the District are teaching crucial work and life skills in SBEs such as:
  • School Coffee Carts
  • T-Shirt/Design Printing
  • Gardening and Produce
  • Shredding Services
Click HERE to read more about School Based Enterprises and to view the Application.  

You can also reach out to your Local District Alternate Curriculum Support Team at:

NW: Jennifer Hubbard,
NE: Iris Navas,
E: Pat Juarez,
S: Mark Todd,
W: Mireya Cruz,
C: Kendell Smith,
Unique Learning System
  • 4/14/16 (All Local Districts)
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Alternate Curriculum
Ryan Morse, Specialist
Amy Nguyen, Specialist
James Koontz, Specialist
Maria Ricario, Specialist
Unique Learning System Lessons are Common Core aligned!  Level 1, 2, and 3 differentiated tasks are a great resource when discussing IEP goals. Click HERE
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Archived Webinar
Structuring the Learning Environment
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