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Growing Pains - Scaling Your Business

Some businesses avoid growth, as they think that they will not be able to manage a larger organisation, or that the process of growth is daunting, but with some signposting, you don’t have to have growing pains and you will manage the process. In our world, it’s not just about growth – we prefer to say ‘making the business better’ which may mean bigger, but not necessarily.

Seven Signs that show whether your growth plans are going well or badly.

 1.       Mindset – make sure everyone’s mindset encourages the change. Don’t just put in processes and hope. Sell it to your people (all of them), encourage their feedback and active participation. You won’t manage this all on your own. Be clear that you may have to have the vision, but you don’t need to do it all.

  2.       Engage all the senses – ensure all the organisational practices, technical and human elements all work together. Look at your plans in the round. It’s a good way of checking that the experience you want to happen will happen. Or it won’t scale, and you will spend endless hours in underachieving.

  3.       Short term realities need to be                         aligned with long term objectives. We spend a lot of time ensuring our clients get this right. Otherwise, short-termism will spell the death knell of what they really wanted.

  4.       Make it accountable. Work out what evidence you need to show it’s going where you want, when you want, how you want. What tools and techniques will you need to measure progress?

  5.       Clusterfug. Avoid it. Don’t let bad get to worse. Don’t allow the busy mundane issues get in the way. Keep your goals clear, review and measure regularly. We usually do this every 3 months with our clients. See above.

  6.       Growing doesn’t just mean adding. It can (and often does) mean losing stuff that doesn’t work in the new model. Stuff can mean products and services; it can mean customers, or some of your ways of working.  Rule nothing in or out. That’s what getting better means and one reason why we like that as a descriptor.

  7.       Don’t just do something, stand there!  And reflect. Is this the right direction, speed, method? Don’t just blindly press on. See above!

 Don’t worry if it doesn’t adopt a nice linear way of getting you from here to there. These points aren’t done one after the other – they all interact and some rework will and should be needed. Be realistic – life isn’t linear, we just want it to be. Expect – even plan for – a period of consolidation before the next push forward. It’s easier to manage that way. But do make sure that you can measure progress and direction so you can realign objectives with your growth (betterment) strategy regularly. See 5 above. That way you will get what you want.  Here's more in our

 In a Nutshell Video Guides.

Getting the Best out of People
New Service   


Actively engaged teams are loyal, productive and innovative. Actively disengaged teams are unhappy, spread negativity to colleagues and customers and cost you money. Engaged teams provide on average 17% more profitability and effectiveness. And you will have fewer HR issues.

We know that employment law is constantly changing and employment issues are a major risk to many businesses. The contract you drew up a few years ago may not pass muster in court now. We have seen first-hand how Employment Tribunal claims can be costly and time-wasting. Small businesses need help before it gets to that stage.

Hixsons have teamed up with Chris Wilkinson at the HR Dept. He gives clear advice just when you need it. You can pay a monthly retainer, which insures you against tribunal claims, and we recommend this. But for Hixsons clients Chris has agreed to offer free information and services as a basic service. It may not have the insured element but it will get you basic compliance documents and help.

Services include:
  • Free Helpline and Personal Support
  • Contract of Employment with Support
  • HR Administration Guide
To find out more about our services and how to get in touch with Chris Wilkinson go to
HR Dept

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Who We Are

Hixsons are business advisors and accountants in Bournemouth. Most clients are small and medium sized businesses who come to us because they need someone to help their company to grow... that's what we do best and we can do it for you.

Of course we do the basics:                           

  • Bookkeeping
  • Year end accounts
  • Tax returns
  • Audits
So that you are confident that the compliance issues are dealt with on time and on budget.
But we are not number mongers – simply purveyors of technical information designed to make sense of legislation.
We are enablers which means that we ensure you
  • have good reliable on time information,
  • can interpret that information in ways that are meaningful to you
and we find out what you want and need so that any planning fits your objectives, both personal and business.

See OUR VIDEO on what businesses think about their accountants.

We know that we have built something which is genuinely useful: almost any client who engages us as their advisers would be significantly better off than they were before. See our case study below.

Case Study - Select Resorts Group


Select Resorts Holidays offer holiday
accommodation in hotels, luxury villas
and apartments in numerous destinations
across Europe and the Caribbean.


     Select Resorts Properties has
     been advising clients for over 30  
years on holiday homes for lifestyle  and investment properties for income, covering many European countries and several continents.


The Story

Select Resorts Group is a family business with two generations working together.  We have worked with the company for some years and have helped reignite their enthusiasm to take on new opportunities in order to stay ahead of their competitors.  As is common with family business, the two generations had different objectives.  The older generation needed to come up with a succession plan so that the younger generation would be in a position to take over the business in the future.  This meant that the first generation had to let go of some day-to-day activities and attention to detail to empower the next generation. To manage the transition process we helped them to take a strategic view of the business and clarify roles and responsibilities so that there was no wasteful overlap and, most importantly, no gaps.

We worked with them to set up a process for structured, quarterly meetings with agendas that took a high level look at the business. They became more disciplined, leaving personalities at the door and became more accountable, having clear action points to move the business forward.

The Results

A series of steps including a re-branding exercise resulted in a change in attitude and more productive management which created a sharper and more confident culture across the group.

By setting targets and changing their ways of working they have been able to accelerate the development of their product range.  They have a better balanced project portfolio that results in a more effective sales pipeline.  The team are more effective and engaged, resulting in faster growing sales and profits up by 20%.

Here's What They Said

"We have found Hixsons input invaluable. As a family business, both generations want a successful and profitable business. Nick has been the catalyst, helping keep us on track, recognising our individual skills and respecting the benefits each of us can bring to the company."

"Nick is extremely helpful at board meetings, keeping us focused with clear objectives and we know we can rely on a speedy response when we need his professional opinion.
 Nick is able to see things from the outside but cares very much about the success of the business and family relationships within it. "

Pauline Bonanni,
Managing Director,
Select Resorts Group,
Poole, Dorset.


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