2020VISION Gallery now open 24/7 in Morecambe
It will make you smile and make you wonder... 

2020VISION - Street Gallery

We're celebrating the arrival of the 2020VISION outdoor exhibition which is now open 24/7 in Morecambe.  It's stunning and it's FREE. There's a special facebook page and many more 2020VISION events coming too.  Read below about the movie, the theatre show, photo workshops, and the man himself... 

The street gallery is in Morecambe until 29 June when it moves to Barrow and then to Grange.  As it is open 24/7 you can nip out over lunch or after dinner.  And it makes a great half-term trip: bike on the prom, visit the street gallery, enjoy the views across the Bay, and there's lots of lovely options for tea, cake and ice-cream really nearby. 


Visit now - tell all your friends, and share the excitement! 

Morecambe Arena (opposite the Winter Gardens) until 29 June

Barrow-in-Furness (outside the Forum) from 1 July - 2 August 

Grange-over-Sands (location to be revealed) from 5 to 29 August.

The Theatre Show - booking now

Join 2020VISION creator Peter Cairns and other 2020VISION photographers for stunning imagery and stories of 2020VISION and how nature is being helped back to health. 

Wed 26 June Winter Gardens, Morecambe and 
Thurs 21 August Victoria Hall, Grange Book now 

Improve your photography skills

Photography workshop in August
Join 2020VISION photographer Ben Hall at Leighton Moss and learn how the best in the business apply their skills when it comes to photographing nature.

6 & 7 August  Max. 10 spaces per day
Find out more and book your space

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Morecambe Bay - a big sky place...

This magical little film is a stunning, fresh look at the Bay. Made for us by the 2020VISION team it shows off our big skies, big views and the people and wildlife that make it the special place we all love. 

Watch & share the film.

The Man

Peter Cairns

Peter is the catalyst behind 2020VISION.
He has BIG ideas to rebuild our natural home. Learn more about his passion and how he's worked with us to bring big ideas to the Bay.

Read Peter's blog here.
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