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Dear <<First Name>>,

As we move to the next stage of sustainability for the Open PHACTS Foundation, we’re delighted to announce we have entered a strategic partnership with Data2Discovery.

Open PHACTS & Data2Discovery Partner

This partnership leverages the heritage of both organisations in establishing utility of linked open data in drug discovery, and lays the foundation to the next stage by bringing together more data types and resources together to address key bottlenecks in drug discovery and life science research. We’ll be communicating much more about this exciting development shortly.

New Platform Hosting

From 1st December 2016, Open PHACTS will be changing the hosting platform as part of our next phase. We want to minimise the disruption this will cause to API users. We are aiming for a seamless transition which should on the most part be unnoticeable to users, but even with thorough testing we can’t anticipate every eventuality, so please keep us posted on anything you see.

You might experience some service disruption during this time, and we will inform you of any onger periods of outage.


So that we can complete our transition and move to this new hosting with refreshed data in the future, we will be decommissioning legacy versions of the Open PHACTS API services, and cleaning up our older APIs. This means that the following will be happening:

  • 1.5 & 2.0: Will be decommissioned as they have become dated and will no longer be supported from 1 Dec 2016

  • Explorer will be aligned to the new API

If you need help with transferring to the current 2.1 API, then please get in touch or use the support forums.

Security Policy

As a result of this change in the hosting partner, there will be changes and an update to the security policy reflecting these new circumstances and environments. For those organisations that have previously run Security Audits of Open PHACTS, please get in touch with us to discuss this for the future platform.

Further Plans

As we grow from these changes, we look forward to being able to refresh data continuously on a cycle which is independent of point releases. We rely on your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts on the changes, how you find using the new refreshed services, and any comments or suggestions you have.

We will also be completing work on KNIME nodes utilising the refresh Open PHACTS data services, more news on this as they become available.

Starting early in 2017, we’ll be completing our architecture review, and laying the groundwork to move into new data types and use cases. As ever, all of this will be lead by our business question driven approach, so please talk to us about your questions.

Questions and Help

As always, we welcome your feedback or comments at any time.

All the best,
Bryn Williams-Jones
CEO, Open PHACTS Foundation

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