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Open PHACTS Discovery Platform Updates

We've been working hard to update and improve the Open PHACTS Discovery Platform, and have some exciting news to report: Version 1.5 of the Open PHACTS API is now live!

Try out the new API v1.5 now

This marks the completion of a large number of improvements to Open PHACTS, including:
  • Data refresh. We are now exposing and integrating many updated data sets with the latest ChEMBL release (ChEMBL 20). Most Open PHACTS data sources have been updated this month to give you access to the latest pharmacological data available.
  • New data. Adverse events from FAERS data and interacting drugs from DrugBank have been added to the Compound Information API call, giving you access to another important data set and new facts.
  • New API features. A new filter has been added to Tissues for Protein and Protein for Tissues, so that expression results can be filtered on different quality measures.
  • SPARQL optimisations. We've been making changes behind the scenes to improve the performance of the API calls.
  • Identity Mapping Service update. Our IMS has been enriched with additional patterns for several of our datasets, so that many more diverse URLs can be used for retrieving results.
  • Bug fixes. We have fixed several known issues with the Platform, as described in the release notes.
  • Quality assurance. We've been running tests comparing the Open PHACTS data to the data from the native sources as consistency checks on the Open PHACTS results, and each data set has now been specifically examined.
Please check the release notes for full details of changes made in version 1.5 of the API. Questions and comments are welcomed – you can contact us any time at

Open PHACTS Pipeline Pilot Collection 1.4

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 1.4 of the Open PHACTS Pipeline Pilot Components. These easy-to-use components can be directly integrated into your workflows to facilitate full access to the Open PHACTS API.

Download Pipeline Pilot Collection 1.4

The collection offers full API coverage, with one component per API call, and returns results exactly as they are received from the API. There are additional enhanced components to help with chemistry searching, allowing exact, substructure and similarity searching.

Example and Tutorial protocols are available, and BIOVIA have provided a community forum where you can reach out to other users, ask questions, and share experiences. We recently held a very successful community workshop for users of these workflow tools, and plan to hold more in the future – keep your eyes open for announcements!

Full release notes and details can be found in the release notes (PDF) . Many thanks go to Biovia for supporting the development of these components.

Open PHACTS Explorer 2.0

Earlier this year we released an all-new version of the Open PHACTS Explorer. All the new data included in our API update, including ChEMBL 20, is now accessible through the Explorer.

If you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, head to – or take a look at our introductory video to see how easily you can now browse and search all of the data brought together by Open PHACTS.

Release notes can be found at our support portal, where as always we welcome any feedback or questions.

Until next time, many thanks,

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