Thanks for the feedback so far, we are just finishing off some changes and welcome any more comments etc.

Open PHACTS beta version 2.2 is now being released early to a wider audience which encompasses those closely associated with the project including yourself.

Your efforts to test and share results by providing feedback would be greatly appreciated. Following are details on how you can communicate that information to the Open PAHCTS Foundation.

Some of the recent updates in the release are described below.

Release information and data updates

New Search options:

At the moment, Explorer is hosted here during this phase: 

We welcome your comments on this early beta release. Please use the support pages as normal for questions or comments.

We will likely be making updates over the coming week so expect some downtime etc.

Thanks to the work of Randy, Brian, Ian and others for this beta version!

All the best,
Nick Lynch
CTO, Open PHACTS Foundation

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