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December 2015

It has been a busy year. 

Between finishing production on Meme, shooting the films/videos within-the-film for Meme, shooting Maybe Sunshine, and working alongside Chris Cuffaro on Greatest Hits 2015 has been a bit of a busy year. Where are we at?

Meme is in post-production and that is progressing. It's a slow process and there's not much to update on about that, but what I can do is share with you that over the next two months you're going to see more about Meme and a lot of really fun items while we build up our following. So, whichever platform you prefer, I strongly suggest you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or YouTube. Also, if you're a fan on all these platforms I can promise you we're trying not to be redundant in our posts. Each platform has its' advantages and while you may see some things repeated we're trying to make sure it's not the same thing each week. There's something unique on each platform. So, please follow and share and encourage your friends to follow and share. 

Greatest Hits is progressing. There's a lot of conversation happening about who to interview next and how we're taking the project to the next level in 2016. Chris came to New York City for the second week of December and we had a great conversation over lunch about the status of the project and our plans for the future. 

Maybe Sunshine is almost wrapped with shooting the first season. Just a couple of brief scenes left to pick up. Everything looks great. We had a wonderful weekend of shooting at the beginning of December and I got to work with my friends Hye Yun Park, who was in my short film Time Signature, and Jeffrey Gurian, who I used to work for at Comedy Matters TV. We're looking forward to releasing the series next year. 

Three Questions

with Nicole Witte Solomon 

Three questions is all about sharing more about the fun people that I have had the pleasure of working with. This month our subject is filmmaker Nicole Witte Solomon, who served as our Art Director for Meme, helped me produce Beneath the Black Moon, and who I frequently work with as an instructor at the I Was There FIlm Workshops. 

What do you do?

I write things--screenplays, essays, short stories, reported articles, cook books, but mostly emails--as well as direct films and videos. I'm moving more into producing more as well. 

I also freelance as an editor and consultant. My primary client right now is I WAS THERE Film Workshops, where I serve as the Communications Director. I Was There provides free, therapeutic filmmaking workshops to veterans, active duty service members and military families coping with Posttraumatic Stress. I also am also a film instructor at these workshops.

Why do you do it?

I work with I Was There because it's rare to be able to get paid to do something you actually believe in. I have personally found filmmaking to be tremendously therapeutic, and I love sharing that with other people, and seeing the very real, dramatic shift that occurs within people who have been seriously wounded once they've been empowered with the tools to tell their own stories, on their own terms.

I write/direct/produce things that I would like to see that don't yet exist. I'm generally interested in amplifying less-heard perspectives and narratives, whether my own or other people's. Also I have always just have a compulsion to create and share stories.

What do you want to share?

You can learn more about I Was There at My short horror film, Small Talk, is currently in festivals and should be available for home viewing in 2016--we're on facebook, twitter and tumblr as SmallTalkMovie, and the website is The "Joan of Arc" segment I directed for the anthology Bring Us Your Women will be made publicly available in the latter half of the year. You can watch it and the rest of the film on demand now, though.

Also keep an eye out in 2016 new projects--a feature I wrote that will be produced/directed by Flavio Alves and is in preproduction, a short I co-wrote with Jeanette Sears called Happenstance that's in post, a short I'm line producing for Christina Raia, a couple video projects for The Shondes that I'm directing, and several scripts I'm currently writing. Also a comic book that I'm writing with my friend Che Broadnax, about which I'm extremely excited but probably should bite my tongue for now. You can visit for more.
Watch Beneath the Black Moon.

Watch Chris Cuffaro talk about shooting with Pearl Jam.

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