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October 2015

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween we've released our VHS/horror homage/parody, Beneath the Black Moon. Beneath the Black Moon is an 80s style horror about a coven of satan-worshipping witches who need a virgin for their ritual to raise the devil and start the apocalypse. The film is part of the overall Meme project and pieces of it will appear throughout that film. It stars Lisa Hammer (whose web series Maybe Sunshine I've been producing over the last year and who is (among other things) known for playing Triana Orpheus on Adult Swim's The Venture Bros.), Levi Wilson, Zac Kish, Annie Such, Lizzy Andretta, Sarah Albonesi, and stand-up comedians Ginny Leise and Alia Janine. I also make an appearance as The Devil. We shot the film back in July and it's taken about this long to wrap up post-production. It took quite a bit of time to get the "VHS look" just right. It's a lot of fun, particularly if you remember picking up random horror movies on VHS at the video store and then trying to figure out who decided that this terrible film was worth making.

You can watch the film on YouTube now.  Please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Snapchat, Grindr, Live Journal, Geocities, Google+, or any other platform you enjoy using.

In addition to releasing Beneath the Black today we're celebrating having completed production on Meme. Last Saturday we shot the last piece of the Meme puzzle: a beer commercial for the film's fake beer brand, Wotan Brewing. The commercials feature the Norse God Wotan (Odin) encourage people to choose the brand. Here's a photo of Jeff Davis as Wotan from our shoot: 

Finally, we posted an update to the Greatest Hits Seed&Spark about our recent round of interviews for the film, which included actress Juliette Lewis, comedian Steve Agee, creator of Carnivale Daniel Knauf, Creative Director at Capitol Records Nicole Frantz, and Artist Manager Angelica Cob-Baehler. We got a lot of interesting stories from this group we're excited to include in the project. Read our update on Seed&Spark for more and for a video clip of Chris talking about his work with the band Jane's Addiction.

More on the way on all these projects. 


Three Questions

with Chris Cuffaro 

Three questions is all about sharing more about the fun people that I have had the pleasure of working with. This month it's photographer and filmmaker Chris Cuffaro, the driving force behind the Greatest Hits project. 

What do you do?

I’m a photographer, director and all around creative fuck.  I love what I do and have been doing it for a very long time.  If all goes well, I will keep doing it for even longer.

Why do you do it?

First, cuz its fun.  Second, cuz I love doing it.  Third, I’m very good at it.  Fourth, I don’t know what else to do.  Fifth, did I say it was fun?

What do you want to share?

That’s a tough question, but I will start with this.  My Greatest Hits project!  Go to to read all about it!  Its my my baby and I’m so proud of my baby.  I love photography more than anything, but music is a very close second.
Watch Beneath the Black Moon.

Watch Chris Cuffaro talk about shooting with Jane's Addiction.

  • Meme post-production updates.
  • Maybe Sunshine is coming!
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