The One Thing…Issue # 2

Hey lovelies, thanks for joining my weekly bit of fun. This week I am back with a new (to me) tool that I saw over on Zen Watercooler’s Youtube channel (I love both of his channels!)

Kittl - “Join the Design Revolution”

This cool share is for any non-designers (like me) who might want to save time, money and energy on creating super-professional designs - FAST! It’s called Kittl. When you sign up, you’re getting a FREE 3-month Pro membership (which I am testing out).

The first thing I did, when having a wee play, was try to make a graphic for my big sister Wendy’s birthday! Then I quickly made a few designs for one of my online shops. Before you say it, yes it’s quite like Canva, to some degree.

Check out this Youtube Short Tutorial to Create Gradients in Canva

By the way, here’s Zen’s wee Kittl Tutorial if you’re interested…(so, yes, technically two tips today, I guess!)