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Detour Ahead


The sight of a detour sign almost immediately causes frustration.  The route that you had planned or that the GPS assigned is blocked.  Time to find another way.   The destination hasn't changed, but the way you get there has.  And especially without GPS that way feels much more uncertain and untested.  


That is kind of what ministry has felt like these last few months and looking forward.  COVID-19 has been a giant roadblock and detour sign for all of us in so many ways.   The goal of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the Albanian Diaspora in metro Boston through word and deed hasn’t changed.  In fact the need is even greater.  But some of those familiar paths certainly have vanished.  Large group gatherings are on hold.  English as a second language classes are paused.  My weekly time at the Vatra, the Albanian senior center isn’t happening as it has yet to reopen.   What in the world is God up to?  What are the pathways now? 


Some of those pathways have become clear and encouraging.  I continue a weekly video message on Facebook that despite its awkwardness allows me to sow the seed of God’s word.  Through helping various Albanians virtually with things like job applications, unemployment, and translation I have continued to get to know new Albanians and network.  Besides this there are always ways to make a phone call or send a message to connect with the many Albanians I know.  

One of the highlights of new pathways has been the Christianity Explored class in Albanian that I have done on Zoom on Wednesday nights.  I had been dreaming of it for a year or so, the idea of gathering seekers from across Boston virtually to engage the gospel of Mark through video and discussion seemed intriguing.  Would the technology work?  Would strangers befriend one another and build relationships over Zoom?  Would it be a place where God’s word is engaged and understood?  

Thankfully all these answers have been YES!  Technology is challenging at times and some moments are awkward, but every week 4-8 Albanians gather on Zoom and engage who Jesus is through the Gospel of Mark.  Though its not the same as in person, it makes possible something that in person would usually be impossible because of geography and schedule and in this time is impossible because of COVID-19.  The discussions often have tangents, but nonetheless men and women are encountering the good news of Jesus!  


Beyond these activities though, a larger theme seems true.  

That is the idea of this season as a spiritual Winter.  A time when activity slows, days shorten, the natural signs of life fade as greens fade to brown and then to white.  

In winter much is still taking place, necessary processes that are essential for the explosion of green and growth in spring.  But we aren’t doing it.  God is.  

Our activity is of another sort -  waiting and watching, praying and planning.  Wondering what God is doing and slowing done to ask what, when and where my part is in his process.  


I am not sure about you but I am generally not very good at this kind of activity.  I am a natural at plowing ahead and pushing forward, not at going slow to watch, listen and pray.  But I am learning.

One thing is sure.  This moment in history with a pandemic and protests, job losses and economic slowdown is changing things.  It is changing people.  God is at work.  Breaking down some and raising up others.  Softening some hearts while others harden all the more.  Stopping us in our tracks and placing before us in so many ways a great big detour sign.   


Would you pray for us that God would continue to slow us down to listen and learn, acting in His power and His wisdom as He leads us!

One of the zoom events created by an Albanian family on our team - an online book club! 
Ministry Update Gatherings for you on Zoom! 

Normally during the summer I take time to travel to different areas to connect with those who pray for our ministry and support us financially.  Obviously that is not happening this summer.  But I have been thinking about a different option.  Why not do some virtual gatherings on Zoom for whoever is interested so that I can share more updates, answer questions, and have time to pray together.  So I have scheduled three times when I will be on zoom and any of you can jump on.  The format will be pretty simple.  I will present some pictures and stories, then you can ask questions, and then we will pray together.  

In order to tak part you will need to register at the link provided.  If you need help with registration and using zoom let me know.

     Sunday July 26 - 7pm. Register at
Tuesday July 28, 8pm. Register at


    Saturday August 8 at 9am - Register at


Thank you for your faithful prayers and support! 

We were blessed by a couple of weeks with family in Michigan earlier in June which provided a much needed break from isolation and sweet time of fellowship.

With you we now look towards these coming months of uncertainty with trust in our certain God! 

Psalm 33:20–22
    Our soul waits for the LORD;
        he is our help and our shield.
    For our heart is glad in him,
        because we trust in his holy name.
    Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us,
        even as we hope in you.

In the gladness of His steadfast love! 
Jason, Kristine, Caleb and Evette
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