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Friday I sat in the coffee shop talking Albanian politics and immigrant life and trying to insert some things about faith into the swirl of conversation and debate.  I was with Ilir and Tomorr at the usual place, Cafe Gelato, an Italian immigrant run, modern coffee shop in downtown Quincy. It’s an Albanian favorite because they serve the best espresso.  

    Ilir and Tomorr are not whom most people picture when they think “immigrant”.   Both have come with “green cards” or permanent resident visas.  They are a couple of the lucky ones in the yearly green card “lottery” that the US runs.   Tomorr was a dentist in Albania and had numerous positions in the medical infrastructure of the government.  Illir owned a trucking business and was well connected in politics. Within the last year both have taken the incredible step of leaving their jobs and careers, uprooting their family, and moving to America.  Both are starting from zero with learning English and trying to find work. 

    Why in the world would these men with careers and position in Albania immigrate to the US?  Two reasons: Corruption in Albania and the American Dream. Both Illir and Tomorr know the insides of Albanian society and they were tired of it.  Tired of bribes to get things done and politicians uninterested in the people but only in their position and money. Tired of a beautiful country rich in natural resources being mismanaged at the expense of the people.  Tired of fearing for the future of their children and if they would get a fair chance at success.

    With such frustration and insecurity, the promise of America is incredibly attractive.  The opportunities here for their children are incredible. Regardless of the background or their hard to spell name, they will have every chance to succeed.  Their parents will never regain their status or career, but there is money to be made and a life to be developed.

    That is why they have come.  

    But I pray and wonder for these men if God has something else in store that they never would have expected.  They did not come seeking God or looking for faith. Neither had any religious background or interest in it. But here, as their dreams confront reality, as they face cold winters and long days at work.  As they fear for their children in new and different ways and find that life here in the American dream has its own dangers, challenges, and crises. As they inevitably battle sickness, relational troubles, or miss home.  As they have conversations with me about faith, are invited to evangelistic events and meet other Christians…. I wonder and pray would this be the place where they find something so much greater than a college education, a stable job and a full bank account?  A place where they find Jesus?

    Would you pray with me for Ilir and Tomorr and so many Albanians like them.  That God by his Spirit would meet them in powerful ways to awaken them to God and the gospel?  

Christianity Explored

    January 13 I started our first Christianity Explored small group in Albanian at one of the churches in Quincy. The material is an introduction to Christianity through the gospel of Mark. There is a group of 15 or so Albanians whom I am targeting with this.  They  live in Quincy, have relationships with me, have come occasionally to meetings, and are not yet believers.  As usual I had no idea what to expect; I know that so much wars against them to take away their time and distract them. Coming for an hour on a Sunday morning is no small thing.

    The first Sunday God brought 3 to our meeting.  It was a really good time of discussion and opening up the gospel of Mark to begin to consider Jesus.  It is always something special to walk people through their first time looking for passages and reading the Bible themselves.  

    This past Sunday, for the second meeting, one of the first 3, Aleksander, returned along with two new Albanians, Duku and Klevis and two of the Albanian believers.  Once again we had a lively discussion as they encountered the gospel of Mark’s strong evidence for the authority and power of Jesus.  

    We will have 5 more such meetings spread through the next two months.  My heart rejoices as these Albanians very clearly encounter the Bible’s claims about Jesus and I long for the Spirit to bring the reality to their hearts.  Would you pray for Albanians to continue to come to these meetings and encounter Jesus?

             Our biggest news is that we are in the process of buying a home!  After looking for a while we found one in the town of Weymouth that fits what we were looking for.  So far everything has gone smoothly, but closing is at the end of February.  Until then we wait not so patiently.  The house is in a great location that puts us near school, work, Albanians and access to highways to travel throughout Boston.  We believe it is a place where our family and ministry can thrive.   Would you pray for God’s will to be done in this process?
            Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement of our ministry!  You are a blessing to us!   



Love in Christ
Jason, Kristine, Caleb and Evette

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