Cisco's new campaign, lauded as "Ad of the Day" by AdWeek, uses footage to convey that "there's never been a better time." From Goodby Silverstein & Partners, "People in Crisis," showcases the brand's ability to connect people in times of disaster using real footage from moments of humanitarian crises around the globe. The spot is comprised of all STALKR-sourced material, complimented by text bubbles added in post that "celebrate how empowered we are today by technology." Watch here.
We made The Times' figurative ability to cut through the noise of daily media chaos literal in a new spot for the UK-based publication. "Heart of the Story" takes us through memorable vignettes of news stories large and small, isolated down to one sound element in each story; the removal of the sonic clutter mirrors The Times' ability to navigate to what matters most in every report they publish. With an ever-evolving concept based on footage discovered in real-time, this project marked a worthy challenge for our London-based team. Watch the spot and read more here.
We all know the joyous time suck that is combing through content on the world wide web. We visually recreated that feeling for Bright House Networks, jumping from one viral video to social media platforms to FaceTimes and so forth to convey how Bright House connects individuals around the world. Give it a watch now.
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