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Sex Trafficking - Attention All Doctors!

AMWA Residency Division Awards

Resident Voices:
This Side of the Looking Glass


AMWA Residency Division Elections

Publication Opportunity

AMWA National Meeting 2014
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Prevention of Child Sex Trafficking 

Click here to see Dr. Titchen’s video on child sex trafficking:
Our own Dr. Kanani Titchen, President of AMWA RD, is attempting to educate physicians about sex trafficking in the US. Based on Kanani's research, most physicians are woefully unaware of the incidence and prevalence of childhood prostitution in the USA. Dr. Titchen proposes using a social media platform to educate healthcare providers towards this end.
Kanani has organized a multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary study of this subject in an effort to reduce sex trafficking. Several of the AMWA RD leaders are co-authors on abstracts, presentations, and manuscripts. Kanani is a PGY-2 Pediatric Resident at AI DuPont Hospital for Children/Thomas Jefferson University.
Donations are accepted via through December 31, 2013.
Please send forward

AMWA RD Awards

AMWA RD Awards

Did you know there are several awards and honoraria available through AMWA? Here’s a summary of a few that we offer. Deadline is January 31, 2014, except as noted. All nominees must be AMWA RD members, except as noted. All winners will be notified by March 1, 2014, and will be honored at the National Meeting. For more details, visit
I.  Charlotte Edwards Maguire, MD Outstanding Resident Mentor Award
Must be a part of the Charlotte Edwards Maguire, MD Resident as Mentors Program
Demonstrated outstanding mentorship and guidance to AMWA national student members as judged by highest and most active ratings as determined by AMWA resident evaluations
Must be nominated by an AMWA Resident member who has engaged in a mentor-mentee encounter with nominee
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
II.  AWHS Overseas Assistance Grant
The American Women's Hospitals Service (AWHS) provides small grants, up to $1,500, for assistance with transportation costs (airfare, train fare, etc.) connected with pursuing medical studies in an off-campus setting where the medically neglected will benefit.
Applicants should be spending a minimum of 6 weeks and no longer than one year in a sponsored program which will serve the needs of the medically underserved
Program must be sponsored by an accredited U.S. medical school or an outside agency (If there is no sponsor, it must be a program for which your school takes responsibility and provides academic credit).
Applicants should apply a minimum of three months prior to departure.
Please visit the website for more information regarding past recipients
III.  Young Woman in Science Award
Demonstrated exceptional contributions to medical science, especially in women's health, through her basic and/or clinical research, her publications and through leadership in her field.
Awardees will be honored during AMWA's Annual Meeting.
Posters will be judged at the AMWA National Conference by a judging panel.
Online abstracts can be submitted to
IV.  Susan L. Ivey, MD Courage to Lead AwardPlease see website for further details about Dr. Susan L. Ivey, MD
Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills through vision, inspiration, innovation, and coordination of projects that further the mission of AMWA by improving women's health and/or supporting women in medicine
Nominations should be submitted to:, please see website for further important details
IV.  Elinor T. Christiansen, MD Altruism Award
Demonstrated altruism by acting unselfishly as an ambassador of the healing arts and AMWA for the continued promotion and success of healthcare and AMWA
Please see website for further information about Dr. Elinor T. Christiansen, MD
Nominations should be submitted to:, please see website for further important details
AMWA's national Resident Board and Dr. Elinor T. Christiansen, MD will review all nominations in February. The recipient will be notified by March 1, 2014.


Resident Voices
This Side of the Looking Glass: Without a Scratch, No Dents in the Fender
by Claire Roden, MD
ARQ Editor
Pediatrics Resident, Cooper University Hospital
There are stretches of days where I wake up to the same beeping sound before dawn, stumble into the same shower and the same shoes, and drink the same stale coffee on my way to the same conference room, on the same floor, of the same sterile hospital. Those stretches of days can turn into stretches of weeks, and before I know it, I am paler than I prefer to be and aching for a reason to pull my tired legs out of bed for another of those same mornings.
It is on those days that I like to pretend I am Bill Murray and I am trapped in Punxatawney, Pennsylvania; or maybe Roy Scheider and every morning I shower and put in eyedrops and tell myself “It’s showtime!” Usually for the latter I leave out the amphetamines, and then I lament the lack of similar roles for women in cinema.
There is a not-small part of residency that reminds me of Groundhog Day, the classic 1993 movie about Phil, an unsavory-at-best meteorologist who gets trapped in a time loop in Punxatawney, PA on the titular holiday. Murray’s character can literally drop a toaster into his bath or drive directly into the cow-catcher on the front of a train and he will awake afterwards in a chintzy hotel room listening to Sony and Cher. He must relive this day ad nauseum until (presumably) he gets it right.
Succeeding at Groundhog Day involves deciding to view an eternity of the same day as an opportunity instead of a curse. Phil learns piano, ice sculpting, and several languages by starting at the beginning every morning, and every day learning another facet of the day’s chosen skill. Every morning he is a beginner, until some mornings he wakes up and is an expert on the finer points of French poetry, tango, or jazz piano.
More importantly, however, Phil comes to know everyone in the town. In learning his neighbors’ quirks and motivations softens his ragged edges, and turns him from an outsider with a hero complex into an actual human. The endless repetition has a point: it allows our everyman (of sorts) to better himself and to know his community, and Phil’s complete self-actualization is what allows him to break his time loop and rejoin the world.
This is residency: the days bleed into each other, and every day I wake up a novice of a new thing. If I see it as an eternity of waking up in a town where I neither know nor care about anyone and it will never end, I would quit. I would walk out the front door of my hospital, go to school for textile design, and never look back.
But that is not what I am doing.
Instead, this is an opportunity to improve. There are so many things to learn that if I had an eternity of first days I wouldn’t cover half the beginnings of things I would need to in order to know the first thing about anything. Every day I am taking lessons in medicine and coming to know the stories in my community.
And while every day I will awake as a novice to the same beeping sound on grey mornings, one day I will get it right. On that day, I will wake up having somehow completed a task I thought was Sisyphean: I will be a novice of fewer things, and I will be approaching expertise in something.  My residency will end, and I will break out of my time loop.

AMWA RD National Leadership Elections

AMWA RD National Elections

What Leadership Roles are Available?
It’s that time of year again: we are holding elections for leadership positions. We are accepting nominations from now through January 31, 2014, at Physicians and surgeons currently in residency programs and MS4s who anticipate starting residency in 2014 are encouraged to apply.
More information:

Roles and Responsibilities
• This is a brief list of roles or responsibilities
• Those in leadership positions are expected to attend 5-7 scheduled conference calls a year.

• Serve as President the following year
• Attend the AMWA Annual Meeting
• Maintain communication with national, regional, and local leaders
• Help supervise maintenance of all forms of AMWA resident internet presence
• Attend the AMWA Annual Meeting
• Compile, edit, and send out the AMWA Resident Quarterly (ARQ)
• Schedule, set agendas, and take minutes for bi-monthly conference calls
Editor-In-Chief, AMWA Resident Quarterly (ARQ)
 • Solicit written content for the ARQ online publication. Author content where needed.
• Organize, format, and edit content for the ARQ.
 • Update AMWA RD website content.  
Treasurer, Resident Division Leadership & Awards Application
• Liaise with AMWA headquarters to track resident funds
• Work with Awards Chair to disburse scholarships and grants
Advocacy Chair

• Serve on the physician Policy and Advocacy Committee
• Identify relevant opportunities to lobby and raise awareness on behalf of AMWA and the issues and policies supported by AMWA
• Design and implement one annual advocacy project in conjunction with physician leadership
Awards Chair
• Publicize, coordinate efforts to select, and notify recipients of AMWA awards, scholarships, and branch and regional grants
• Maintain a close working relationship with the Treasurer
Global Health Chair (2)
• Serve on the physician Global Outreach Committee
• Contribute articles to the ARQ publication
• Develop and identify international rotation opportunities for AMWA resident members 
Recruitment Chair
• Coordinate all aspects of new membership recruitment each fall
• Organize AMWA promotional items; coordinate item distribution
• Nurture the development of new local branches and continue enrichment of existing local branches
Conference Chair (2)
• Serve on the physician Conference Planning Committee
• Coordinate with AMWA headquarters to plan the Annual Meeting resident track content and logistics, as well as accommodations for resident attendees
• Work with the Treasurer to coordinate grant-writing to subsidize costs

Publication Opportunity

Let your voice be heard!

Have something to say? An experience to share? A unique perspective on research, residency, or healthcare? We’re all ears!

The AMWA Residency Division Quarterly is an online journal for AMWA Residency Division members, and we want to hear your voice and publish your words. We are seeking submissions from our members on a range of topics, from personal experiences in education to opinions about medicine.
We are interested in short essays, poetry, photography, and illustrations.  This is a non-peer-reviewed publication (that is included on your CV). We want to give you a place to publish your pieces.  


1) Deadline for the Spring ARQ Deadline is February 30.
2) Submit articles and pieces for publication to
3) Please make sure to include the author’s name in both the file name and the body of the text.  Include a title.
4) Length: Limit is 500 words.
5) For articles that discuss AMWA-related policies, are more academic in nature, or requir fact-checking, please include appropriate citations. Citations do not count towards your word count.
AMWA National Meeting 2014

You do NOT want to miss this!  If you love D.C., if you have a poster to present, if you’re running for national Residency Division office, or if you’re simply into creature comforts and a positive spirit, get yourself to this conference!  We are offering TEN $100 travel assistance grants for resident members who are running for office or presenting a poster.  Rooms will be set aside at a heavily discounted rate and can be split between 4 residents.  (Most residency programs reimburse cost of travel and the conference fee, especially if you run for office or present a poster.)  

More info can be found at

Happy Holidays

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