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26 free websites for career advisors with tips on how & when to use them. 
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1000's of Websites

As career advisors, counselors, and coaches, it is important to have resources for our clients.

This month I used my LinkedIn network, my current Career Development Facilitator (CDF) class, my current online seminar on Working with Boomers, and some of my personal favorite career websites to bring you websites you may want to bookmark.  Enjoy!

As one person mentioned in his comment, "It's equally important to steer job hunters away from over-using the Internet. They need to get on the phone or out in the world and talk to people".

We need to always remember websites are resources, one of the tools we use to help others, but you simply can't beat F2F for finding work, learning the inside information, and establishing yourself as a credible candidate.

Web Reviews

Employment & Job Search

Glassdoor I use this frequently at my part time position at Colby College for: 

  - research/preparation for interviews
  - researching employers
  - prepping mock interviews (people post actual interview questions used)
  - insight to the interview process used by the company Never used but came recommended from a LI group for use in the job search to:

  - stay organized
  - prioritize critical aspects of job search
  - can quickly assess progress by viewing the dashboard
displays critical metrics (applications submitted, interviews scheduled, etc)
  - sends out timely emails with coaching tips (a helpful checklist of what to wear, questions to ask, etc., two hours before an interview).

Simply Hired  7,407,174 jobs and counting were posted the day I looked at this. had 657,002 new jobs in the last 7 days when I looked. 

Both Indeed and Simply Hired can be used for finding jobs but also can be used to search job descriptions relevant to your clients goals & encourage them to look for patterns, keywords and concepts that a local or employer specific search might not have for wording.

Linkup is used by smaller companies to post jobs.

City-data is a great resource for all things geographic, economic and cultural for seekers looking at relocating.

Meetup is great for clients who struggle with networking or need to expand their network contacts.


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Web Reviews

College Students

"What can I do with a major a great resource when students are not sure of career paths. (Jennifer from U. Mass gave me this link in a LI Group, but many colleges use this one).

Idealist is a great resource for internships and positions in the non-profit arena. 

*There are many other websites for college students in this newsletter but these 2 seemed particularly appropriate to here.

Web Reviews


Brian from LI Group loves You Tube for videos to keep his clients motivated. Here are a couple of my recent favorites. 

TedTalks:  These were recommended by a number of people in my Boomer online seminar Sarah, Pam, Jackie, and myself.  Email me if you want a copy of my January newsletter that was devoted to TedTalk reviews.

I've put CareerRealism here but could have placed it in a number of other sections as well.

  - Job finding advice
  - Tools for career counselors
  - Daily newsletter / blog (I receive this daily and think its awesome)

Web Reviews


So many people recommended LinkedIn, I decided to give it its own section.
  - essential for anyone who's serious about managing their career
  - anyone currently looking for a job
  - largest searchable resume database on the planet
  - job postings
  - researching companies
  - can check your LI contacts for current and former employees of organizations you might want to work at to get useful introductions
  - alumni networking
  - ability learn & help others in groups
  - ...and so much more.

Online Seminars For Career Advisors


Transition Theory in Career Advising

Begins April 12th (4 weeks)
10 CCE- approved contact hours for GCDF
Note: We have 3 people registered now and need a minimum of five to begin, check it out now!
"The timing of the course was great as we are just starting a college and careers transition program.  I am looking forward to sharing this information with my staff so we can more effectively serve our students!" (Katie from October 2013 seminar).

Career Advising Using Happenstance

Begins July 19 (5 weeks)
15 CCE-approved contact hours for GCDF
Note: 2 people already registered and we need a minimum of five to begin. This will be the 8th offering of this popular topic.

Working With Boomers to Reinvent Retirement

Next offering will be late summer / early fall.
15 CCE-approved contact hours for GCDF & Board Certified Coaches (BCC)

Web Reviews

Undecided &
Career Information


O*NET Department of Labor website that has tremendous information.

  - well organized
  - ties into educational pathways
  - easy to use, especially the new My Next Move section
  - use for career exploration
 - finding keywords for resume development

Occupational Outlook Handbook.The user-friendly Occupational Outlook Handbook website contains a vast amount of data that allows the user to investigate:

  - an occupation
  - occupational clusters
  - lexicon is acceptable even for weak high school readers or ESL students
  - beneficial to many clients, especially those just beginning career exploration or those looking for different options.  (Martha CDF class)

The Riley Guide contains various resources for those looking for job, career, and education information available through online resources. 

  - resume section
  - job search advice
  - comprehensive resource, going far beyond the normal job search information
  - self-assessment tools
  - networking groups
  - career counselors
  - resume template tools
  - not crazy about the fact that 2/3 of the home page is wasted with, basically, useless information...dedicated to reviews from other organizations, basically extolling the how great the site is.  (David & Bryan CDF class)

America’s Career Info Net.  The site is sponsored by the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, and provides a broad range of information.

  - comprehensive and useful for a variety of users
  - functional in providing salary and career information
  - ability to search for specific jobs by state
  - providing information for specific groups (veterans, displaced workers, career professionals, business users, new to the workforce)
  - meeting other needs of job seekers (resume development, insurance information, etc.). 

For high school students with an average reading level, this would be an excellent source for a variety of career interest information, as well as help with resume building and other employability skills.  There are links to state information and training programs as well. (Ruth Ann & Andrea CDF class)

Pinterest:  Can search for a WIDE variety of career topics.  Here is a sample found at Colby Colleges website.

This school to career wikispace was created for the work Pam does at her high school filled with great resources. (Pam in Boomer seminar)

Daily Muse

  - information on “finding your dream job”
  - getting career advice
  - information on free online classes to build skills
  - great career articles as well

Jobs Made Real  Some of the information is dated but can give:

  - good generalized look at different careers in a way that youth appreciate
  - 'By Teens for Teens' and made by a teen group in California
  - let's students explore jobs by their personality or career goals.

Career Zone. The comprehensive nature of the site and the extent to which information is provided is impressive. The practicality of tools offered such as:

  - resume
  - reference list
  - cover letter
  - budget
  - job application tools
  - portfolio
  - providing information in different ways for a variety of audiences adds to the versatility of the tools the site offers. (Marilyn & Heather CDF class)

The National Career Development website has
kinds of great resources.

Florida State University Center for the Study of Technology in Counseling and Career Development.   We liked t

hat their was information available tailored to what your purpose  of looking for career related information was.  We also liked the topics on the side in their “What’s New” section. (Becky and Billie Jo CDF class)

Job Hunters Bible is the official site for the book  What Color is Your Parachute, by Dick Bolles. 

  - Left navigation was very easy to read and the topics were easy to follow - the site was very candid
  - Addresses the fact that it is outdated and that they are working on it
  - Author is very clear about the direction of his career and his availability

We appreciated how Mr. Bolles is directing people to social media platforms while the site is being updated.  (Alisa & Corey CDF class)

What makes my seminars so unique? 
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My Online Seminars Are: 

  • Asynchronous - Read articles which open on Saturdays and stay open for 1 week.
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  • The Connection between Academic Advising and Career Advising
  • Identifying skills and connecting them to occupations
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