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Footy Tipping Competition!

Yes!  It's on again! Last year we donated $2,442 to CanTeen, a charity supporting young Australians living with cancer. Registration fee is only $40 with over $4000 to be won in prizes.

Run into your local Branch today and register before
Friday 27 February 2015


From the GMs Desk

Hello once again and welcome to 2015 – a year that promises a strong housing start volume for NSW and optimistically similar levels of home renovations which should kick on with the recent interest rate reduction. Since my last newsletter Midcoast Timber has become a fully owned entity of J C Dahlsen Pty Ltd, a 150 year old company established in regional Victoria. The final transfer of ownership from Gary Goddard took place on November 30th, 2014 and since then we have been tidying up various administrative actions for the business.
I would like to express my thanks and best wishes to Gary and Carol for their contributions to their business for the past 30 years – something that has been as much of their life as their family. Gary had a passion for Midcoast that is seldom experienced in business and he has always carried this in his decisions and engagements on behalf of the company.
For now it is time for him to enjoy the fruits of his endeavour and try life as a retiree, something that I’m sure will be testing his patience. I’m sure he will somehow become involved in business again as he has much to offer and a desire to “give things a go” when many would not try.
So what will you, the Midcoast customer see with then new ownership, optimistically very little initially as the best start is “business as usual” due to the current structure and performance of Midcoast.
We as a business, strive to put our customer’s expectations to the top of our list, even when often asked to do nearly the impossible. Our team will strive to achieve what they can and help you out – mindful that across the Group we could be doing up to one hundred deliveries in a day. The logistics of  products, trucks, traffic and site suitability are all things that we try to work with to achieve your expectations on deliveries, and yes sometimes we don’t get it right. However we will continue to strive to achieve the best we can and maintain the Midcoast delivery commitment that we have built up over many years.
So let’s all look forward to a continued and fruitful relationship for the 2015 calendar year and enjoy the good times whilst we have them.

Ian Whitehead
Accounts Online

Were you aware that as an Account customer you have access to all your invoices online.  You may already be registered, so using your email address, try resetting your password.  If this is unsuccessful you can register your email address online.  
If you have any queries please email or call Suzanne on 8539 7483.


Merbau Concealed Fixing System

KlevaKlip "Merbau Clip" is a multi-board concealed fixed clip. Working on "fixed pitch" principle, this clever clip provides a consistent finish that is obtained without the use of nails or screws. As each board is inserted into the KlevaKlip, its "teeth" locked into place by a special fixing tool that is supplied with each box of clips.

Adjustable Bearing Support, Joist Connector and Adjustable Joist Support

Did you know that approximately fifty percent of decks in Australia are built less than one metre off the ground? KlevaKlip has commenced release of a range of purpose-built building products designed to make the building of these low-lying decks faster, easier and less hassles.


Cutek Range

Water is timber's greatest enemy. Most timber coatings form a film on the surface to keep water out and give colour. Some even last a year or two before they turn ugly. But most film coatings fail, and have to be sanded or stripped before the timber can be recoated. This is a messy and costly exercise, especially on windows and railings and hard-to-reach areas.
Cutek oils however, penetrate into the wood and protect from within. They never peel or flake. Maintenance is a simple clean and recoat – no sanding or stripping needed. And wood that is left to deteriorate after coating with Cutek oils can be easily restored to a beautiful natural look even after years of weathering. Even in those hard-to reach places.          


4 Creative Facades That Use Timber Differently

Timber is one of the oldest and most popular building materials around, and not without good reason - it is aesthetically pleasing, durable, a natural insulator, lightweight and has low embodied energy.    

Are 'Plyscrapers'coming to your city?

Though the pace of adoption remains slow compared to conventional materials, engineered lumber is starting to make headway for use in taller wooden buildings sometimes called 'plyscrapers'. 


Easy Peasy Chocolate Log


1 x 250g packet Choc Ripple biscuits
500ml thickened cream 
1 tsp caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
3/4 cup Jam
Grated chocolate or cocoa powder, to decorate
Raspberries or seasonal berries, to decorate
  1. Using an electric mixer, whip together cream, sugar and vanilla until stiff.
  2. Spread a little of the cream along a long serving plate to make a base. Spread one biscuit with 1  teaspoon of jam, then  1 ½ teaspoons of cream then top with another biscuit. Top with another 1 teaspoons of jam and 1 ½ teaspoons cream then place biscuits on their side onto the cream base on the serving plate. Repeat until all biscuits have been used to form a log.
  3. Spread remaining cream over entire log. Cover loosely with foil then refrigerate for a minimum of 6 hours to set. Just before serving, dust log with cocoa or sprinkle with grated chocolate if desired. Cut cake diagonally to serve. Serve with seasonal berries.
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