Volume 2, Issue 4, April 7, 2015
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Stories, Storytellers, and Statistics: A Computational
Approach to the Humanities

Tim TangherliniTim Tangherlini, a professor at UCLA in the Scandinavian Section, always liked stories and storytelling. His grandmother’s sister, a raconteur, often entertained Tangherlini with fascinating Danish fairytales she knew from her childhood growing up in late 19th century Denmark.

In his high school and early college careers, he believed he was going to major in geography and become a cartographer. Much to his dismay, however, Harvard University did not have a geography department, and so he chose computer science/applied math.

Yet, this choice of major did not last very long. “I realized very quickly that applied math was really hard, and I found some solace in classes in folklore. I saw it as the history and literature of the common man,” he said. Read the full story.


News & Publications

UCLA's MMWCON Call for Proposals is Now Open!

Creating amazing Mobile Apps? Doing awesome things with the Shadow DOM, templates, imports and custom elements? Are you reusing the cool web components you’ve made? Using standards to build new educational LTI-enabled tools? Leveraging APIs to combine analytics and data streams to better predict outcomes? Propose a session today to show off your skills at the Mobile and Modern Web Conference on September 16-18 2015 at UCLA.

Open Science Grid User School 2015 Call for Applications!

If you could access thousands, maybe millions of hours of computing, how would it transform your research? What discoveries might you make? Now looking for students to apply for and attend the Open Science Grid (OSG) User School 2015, where they will learn to use high throughput computing (HTC) to harness vast amounts of computing power for research.

The School takes place 27-31 July at the beautiful University of Wisconsin in Madison. Using lectures, discussions, roleplays, and lots of hands-on work with OSG experts in HTC, students will learn how HTC systems work, how to run and manage many jobs and huge datasets to implement a full scientific computing workflow, and where to turn for help and more info. Deadline for applications is May 1, 2015.


IDRE-related Lectures, Seminars & Colloquia

Internet of Things

IS Colloquium: Matt Ratto "Emerging Technologies and the Internet of Things"

April 30, 2015 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in GSE&IS Room 111.

IDRE-related Workshops & Events


Top 10 Productivity Tools in MATLAB

The Graph Analytics Course will offer a broad overview of the fiMATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation. Using MATLAB, you can reach solutions faster and easier than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages, such as C/C++ or Java.

In this technical session, we present and discuss ways to increase your productivity and effectiveness using MATLAB. Learn the best practices for exploring, analyzing and visualizing your data, and how to quickly develop algorithms and share results with your colleagues. April 8, 2015 at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm at UCLA, Engr. IV Bldg. - Shannon Room 54-134.
 RSVP here.

Spring 2015 Digital Mapping Workshop Series

Have you ever wondered if your research could be mapped? If so, please join us this April and dive into the world of digital mapping to see how to utilize the latest in digital mapping technologies to make your research project come to life.

The workshops will cover the basics of conducting spatial analysis through desktop applications, fieldwork methods using GPS devices, and web and cloud based applications. 

Workshop 1: Got Data? How to Map your data. April 10 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm in the IDRE Portal (5628 Math Sciences).  RSVP here.

Workshop 2: Got GPS? Methods in Spatial Ethnographic Research. April 17 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm in the IDRE Portal (5628 Math Sciences).  RSVP here.

Workshop 3: Mapping on the Web? Emerging Cloud-Based Mapping Technologies. April 24 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm in the IDRE Portal (5628 Math Sciences).  RSVP here.

GPU Programming Workshop

NVIDIA GPUs are the world’s fastest and most efficient accelerators delivering world record scientific application performance. NVIDIA’s CUDA Technology is the most pervasive parallel computing model, used by over 250 scientific applications and over 150,000 developers worldwide. UCLA-IDRE has long been partnering with NVIDIA on multiple projects involving GPU computing. The CUDA research center at UCLA is one such current project under IDRE's GPU/Many cores program.

The 2-day workshop, presented by NVIDIA instructor Dr. Jonathan Bentz, will introduce programming techniques using CUDA and OpenACC paradigms as well as optimization, profiling, and debugging methods for GPU programming. April 15-16 2015 from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm in the Visualization Portal (MSA 569B, Math Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles) RSVP here.

OhmageX for Crowdsourced Mobile Data Collection

Students are arriving on campus with mobile devices that let them interact with their community, collect new data, and track activities for analysis. In this IDRE workshop, we will highlight the four categories of BYOD mobile data collection and how OIT’s ohmage X (the X is for “Cross Platform”) toolset and web-based Data Visualization Dashboard can support this new activity for deeper and more engaged learning in your courses today. April 21, 2015 from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm in the Visualization Portal (5628 Math Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles) RSVP here.
SDSC Graph Analytics

SDSC Graph Analytics Bootcamp

The Graph Analytics Course will offer a broad overview of the field as well as a deep insight into specific analytical techniques. It will introduce how to model a problem into a graph database, and perform analytical tasks over it in a scalable manner. Based on a fully worked out use case, the course will provide a comprehensive understanding of how to apply graph analytics to your applications. April 23, 2015 from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm on the campus of UC San Diego in the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), MC 0505 (10100 Hopkins Drive La Jolla, CA 92093) RSVP here.
MR2 Solutions

Next Generation Data Center with SimpliVity & PernixData

MR2 Solutions brings SimpliVity and PernixData to the UCLA campus for an all day event where our market leading partners will hold private seminars about the latest technology on the next generation Data Center. Register for one of the (3) 1.5 hour sessions that will have breakfast or early/late lunch catered. Register for one of the scheduled sessions below:

Session 1 - 9AM - 10:45AM Breakfast catered
Session 2 - 11AM - 12:45PM Early lunch catered
Session 3 - 1PM - 2:45PM Late lunch catered
Join us for Happy Hour! - 4PM-6:30PM

April 30, 2015, UCLA CAMPUS: Powell Library Room 186 RSVP here.

Module 5: CTSI Biomedical Informatics

This module familiarizes participants with the basic principles of biomedical informatics demonstrated by ongoing projects and services across the CTSI sites. Participants are exposed to CTSI-specific tools and other popular applications that facilitate the management and analysis of clinical and experimental data. May 1, 2015- May 31, 2015. Time and location to be scheduled. RSVP here.
Machine Learning

2015 BruinTech unConference

The 2015 unConference is a chance for technologists from every corner of campus to connect and share ideas, best practices, experience and knowledge.

Attendees will learn about the technology landscape at UCLA and discuss the best ways to address challenges, leverage our strengths, and move forward. An unConference does not have a pre-determined agenda; participants have the opportunity to decide on the focus and discussions of the conference. The process is meant to be very organic, allowing common interests, issues, ideas and solutions to emerge. May 7, 2015 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm in Ackerman Union. RSVP here.

ServiceNow Symposium

ServiceNow is the leading on-demand, cloud-based IT service management solution. Come learn about the ServiceNow offering and the benefits of using IT Service Management frameworks like ITIL for your helpdesks! May 12, 2015 from 8:45 am - 4:00 pm in the UCLA Faculty Center.  RSVP here.
ESRI User Conference

Esri User Conference

The Esri UC is your event to meet Esri’s software developers, technical and training staff, and customer service support teams. Learn tips and tricks from other Esri users who are located all over the world, in more industries than you can imagine. View maps. Play with apps, listen to presentations, visit solution providers, network with your peers and meet new friends. July 20-24, 2015. San Diego Convention Center. RSVP here.
Radcor 2015 and LoopFest XIV

Radcor 2015 and LoopFest XIV

This symposium combines the 12th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections (Radcor 2015) with LoopFest XIV (Radiative Corrections for the LHC and Future Colliders). This workshop provides a forum to coordinate activities focused on the theoretical challenges from current and future colliders. June 15 at 8:00 am and June 17 at 5:00 pm. Physics and Astronomy Bldg. Room 1425. RSVP here.

Grant & Funding Opportunities

Open Funding Opportunities
Google Doc highlighting open grant and funding opportunities applicable to the IDRE community.
Archived Funding Opportunities
Google Doc of archived grant and funding opportunities applicable to the IDRE community.
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