Volume 3, Issue 4, April 22, 2016
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Bridging the Gap Between Art and Code
Visual artist Casey Reas' initial interest in computer programming grew out of an art project. Reas, a UCLA Design Media Arts professor, said that as an artist he has always been engaged in drawing, but found it difficult to represent his subjects through traditional artistic methods. To work around this, he learned how to write software that drew thousands of lines simultaneously. 

Despite his many artistic endeavors that integrate software and various technologies, Reas, who also serves on UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education's (IDRE) Humanities, Arts, Architecture, Social and Information Sciences Collaborative (HASIS), said that for him thinking of computers as a source of entertainment and artistic expression is a more recent development. Read more here

News & Publications

2017 INCITE Call for Proposals 

The Innovate and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment (INCITE program) is now accepting proposals for high-impact, computationally intensive research campaigns in a broad array of science, engineering, and computer science domains. 

If you plan to submit an INCITE proposal now or in the future, please follow this link or email

From April 13 to June 24, INCITE's open call provides an opportunity for researchers to request large allocations of computer time and supporting resources at the Argonne and Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (LCF) center, operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of Science.

The winning proposals will receive awards of time on Titan, the 27-petaflops Cray XK7 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Mira, the 10-petaflops IBM Blue Gene/Q at Argonne. INCITE will allocate more than five billion core-hours on these DOE leadership-class supercomputers in 2017. Proposals may be awarded for up to three years.

Open to U.S. and non-U.S. based researchers, the INCITE programs seek research proposals for capability computing: production simulations, including ensembles, that use a large fraction of the LCF systems or require the unique LCF architectural infrastructure for high-performance computing projects that cannot be performed anywhere else.

To submit a proposal or for additional details about the proposal requirements, visit Proposals will be accepted until the call deadline of 8:00 p.m. on Friday, June 24, 2016. Awards are expected to be announced in November 2016.

The INCITE program, along with the two LCF centers, will host an instructional proposal webinar on May 19. To register: 

Director's Discretionary requests for limited early access to Mira and Titan can be submitted any time but we recommend that if you plan to submit an INCITE proposal this year that you do not delay in requesting access to generate benchmarking data in preparation for the INCITE call for proposals. See the Related Links at for contacts. 

IDRE-related Lectures, Seminars & Colloquia

Spring 2016 Mapping for Research Series: Lecture 3 - Got Visualization? Methods in Mapping Data

Spring is in the air and there is no better time to think about how mapping could impact your work. 

Join us this April and dive into the world of mapping. Explore the latest digital mapping technologies and make your research project come to life. 

This series will feature: 
  • Overview of historical maps, digital mapping, and UCLA resources supporting GIS and spatial thinking 
  • Visualizing methods with CartoDB and Palladio 
  • Engaging in lightening talks with current researchers utilizing maps 
Our focus will be on spatial technologies, as well as fostering discussions on various approaches for research projects. 

There free sessions are being co-sponsored by UCLA's Institute for Digital Research and Education and the UCLA Library. 

In this session, explore the use of CartoDB for generating visually appealing online maps. For more information please visit: Spring 2016 Mapping for Research Series

Friday, April 29, 3-5 PM. Charles E. Young Research Library, West Electronic Classroom on the Second Floor (Room 23167). Sign up here

IDRE-related Workshops & Events

2016 BruinTech-a-thon Conference

The BruinTech Board is proud to announce the 2016 BruinTech-a-thon, a mini conference where tech enthusiasts from around campus will give 30 minute presentations on the work they are doing in there departments. The event will feature presentations on a wide variety of current IT projects, issues, strategies, and techniques, as well as the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with fellow BruinTechs. This event will be live streamed or video recorded. 

Wednesday, April 27, UCLA IDRE Portal (5628 Math Sciences). Sign up here

IDRE Stat Consulting Group

The goal of the UCLA IDRE Statistical Consulting Group is to help UCLA faculty, staff, and graduate students perform top-notch research, with the greatest emphasis on data analysis related to grants and publications, but also including dissertation research. We provide advice and resources to enable you to develop and/or extend your statistical computing skills, helping you to independently use common statistical packages for the analysis of your research.

Walk-in consulting is in Math Sciences 4919. See our online schedule for days and hours.

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