This is a true story written by my husband,  Ken Gidge   He is an artist, inventor, author, TV host, state legislator and currently on the New Hampshire Commission to Investigate the Economic Impact of the ART.   His adventures amuse and delight. Click on the link to teleport to Gidgeworld to support a Master 3D artist. 

Down through the centuries, every person who has ever played Santa Claus has had a demon child. I had such a child in 1972. I had graduated from Santa clause school, and my first job was at Lord Taylor's in Boston. Around the corner came a well-dressed mother towing a boy of 8 or 9.  She deposited the child in front of me and went over to talk to the store manager and they greeted each other as if they were old friends. . 

Her demon child walked toward me keeping an eye on his mother and the store manager. He walked right up to me and gave me a practiced kick in the shin. I put my arm out in self-defense he stepped back tripping back Santa's footstool and landed flat on his rear end. We both looked over to his mother and the manager. They had missed this monumental event.

He gave me a dirty look, lay flat on the floor and screamed, "Santa pushed me !"

 His mother and the manager rushed over, and he said," Santa had pushed me down." She pulled him off the floor telling him " Santa Claus would never push you down! "

Then, she and the manager walked away to continue the conversation. The mean-faced kid looked at his mother then to me, then back to his mother. I left one leg out for bait. He ran in-I moved my leg, and he kicked the hard wooden chair.
This time, I pushed him full force. He reeled back ten feet trying to keep his balance and landed hard on his butt. . We both looked to his mother and the store manager. They had missed another glorious event.

This time, he laid back and screamed and screamed as loud as any child I have ever heard. His mother and the store manager ran over she picked him off the floor, and he wouldn't stop screaming that Santa Claus had pushed him down. His mother kept trying to tell him that Santa Claus would never do that.

Finally, she turned to Santa Claus and asked Santa Claus “Did you push my son down?” and of course, Santa Claus with a smile said, “Oh, I would never do that.”

Now demon child screamed, “Santa Claus is lying. Santa Claus is lying.”

She looked back to me, and I said, “Santa Claus never, ever lies.”

This little demon lost it, and as his mother pulled him away, he kept screaming, “Santa Claus is a liar.”
I had the opportunity, so I stuck my tongue out at him, and that seem to energize his screaming.

“Santa Claus stuck his tongue out at me! Santa Claus is a liar! Santa Claus pushed me down!” he bellowed.

The store manager was standing beside me, and when the child was out of the building, he said, “I saw everything.”
Then he smiled and said, “You have made my day.”
Years later I heard that boy became a Senator.

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