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Beaver Falls aka Valatie Kill Falls, Valatie, NY

Bring your Questions and Join Us
at the EPA's First Columbia County Community Q&A Session
Concerning the Dewey-Loeffel Treated Water and Leachate 
currently being dumped into the Valatie Kill  


E P A * Q & A


St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Kinderhook, NY  
Monday, March 3rd 
6 to 9 PM

Beaver Falls in Valatie
Wild's Falls at Valatie Kill, Valatie

What does this mean
for Columbia County
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WHAT: The five-year plan to release 'treated' toxic waste from an adjacent county Superfund contamination more than double the scale of the infamous Love Canal and the impact it may have on Columbia County: Valatie, Kinderhook, Stockport, Chatham, Claverack, Hudson and beyond.

Announcement: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will hold two 'Q & A' open house Information Sessions on March 3 (Kinderhook) and March 4 (Nassau) to discuss the cleanup of the Dewey-Loeffel Landfill Superfund Site in the Renssalaer County town of Nassau, and why they have chosen to bring the contamination across county linesto Columbia Countyand dump into our Valatie Kill. 

Members of the EPA Project Team will be available from 6 until 9 pm to provide information and answer questions about current and planned activities, including the startup of the treatment plant at the site which began individual discharges of 'treated' toxic water and leachate to the Valatie Kill last month, with an execution plan scheduled to go into full capacity (continuous feed) later this year for a full five-year period of continuous release; and why they chose to implement their plan without informing our communities.

Monday, March 3 in Kinderhook  
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 
6 Sylvester Street 
Kinderhook, NY 12106
6:00 to 9:00 PM 

Tuesday, March 4 in Nassau
St. Mary's Church, Parish Hall
26 Church Street
Nassau, NY 12123

6:00 to 9:00 PM
What is going on: Since the completion of a water treatment plant at the contaminated Nassau site in December 2013, a total of five 20,000 gallon tanks containing 'treated' toxin discharge have been approved by the EPA and released into the Valatie Kill. By the 3rd of March meeting date, this volume is expected to become seven 20,000 gallon tanks, totaling 140,000 gallons released into our watershed.  And this is just the beginning—a preliminary release of individual 20,000 gallon tanks as a sampling method in advance of the plant operating at full, ongoing, capacity.

ORIGINS: The toxic waste at the Dewey Loeffel Landfill in Renssalaer County included industrial solvents; Benzene and other known carcinogens; waste oils; 1,4 Dioxane; polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); scrap materials; heavy metals including mercury, lead and arsenic; sludge, and solids.
WHY/HOW: EPA's release of 'treated' discharges into the Valatie Kill is part of a $2.5 million water treatment plant project at the Renssalaer County Superfund site to collect and remove the contaminated groundwater and leachate at that location, 'treating' the heavy metals (how can you 'treat' a heavy metalis this a new kind of Alchemy?) and toxic chemicals, then discharging them into Columbia County's Valatie Kill.

According to EPA Representative Larisa Romanowski, “The treatment plant was discussed during the EPA’s public meetings held in the town of Nassau in May 2012 and May 2013."...."Public input is welcomed and considered during all phases of a Superfund cleanup.” Romanowski failed to clarify that all the previous EPA public meetings were held in the Town of Nassau in Rensselaer County, an unusual definition of informing Columbia County residents prior to the release into our watershed.

READ Columbia County Board of Supervisors' Resolution to the EPA HERE >> 
LISTEN to the one hour WGXC Radio Show with Valatie Mayor Diane Argyle; Philip Musegaas, Esq., Riverkeeper's Hudson River Program Director: Discussion about the Dewey Loeffel Superfund site in Nassau, the EPA’s decision to discharge treated toxins into the Valatie Kill and the agency’s failure to notify local municipalities about its plans and more, with host Tom DePietro LISTEN HERE >> 

READ Journalist Barbara Reina and others' articles and documents in the Register Star, Times Union, Troy Record, Chatham Courier, and Columbia Paper at the online links below:

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NYSDEC Letter re No Acceptable Level of 1,4 Dioxane - Letter Dated June 2013
From: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC), Division of Water
To: Mike Komoroske, Dept Environmental Conservation

Municipalities Weigh in on Valatie Kill Dumping Register Star

EPA OKs 5th Tank Discharge for Valatie Kill- Register Star

EPA website for the Dewey-Loeffel Remediation:


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Beaver Falls aka Valatie Kill Falls, NY
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