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Welcome to The Bamboo Column!

We've created this newsletter to share with you the happenings on and off our farm.
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Locally Grown Timber Bamboo Now Available at Kula Hardware and Nursery!

Grown on our Biodynamically Certified and Organically Managed farm, our timber bamboo is now being sold at Kula Hardware. After harvest, each bamboo pole is treated on-site with a borate solution that protects poles from insect damage.

Poles available for your next building project range from 3 to 20 feet in length and from 1 1/2 to 4 inches in diameter, in blonde, black and green varieties. We also have a large inventory of timber bamboo on our farm, call us for more information: (808) 248-7561.

Stop by Kula Hardware and Nursery:
3100 Lower Kula Rd.
(808) 878-2551

Support Sustainably Harvested Maui Grown Bamboo!

 Kings (and Queen) of the Compost!

Three proud farm apprentices atop a compost heap they built this month. 

Summertime in the WWB Nursery 

We have dozens of varieties of well-established bamboo plants in various sizes available for purchase. 

We've also been propagating exotic and delicious edible fruit tree varieties such as Sapote, Durian, Brazil Plum, Miracle Berry, Mango, Avocados, Longan, Lychee, Mountain Apple and Jaboticaba. Native Hawaiian plants such as Mamaki are also  available for sale.

Call us or check the link below for current inventory and pricing
(808) 248-7561

MamakiRed and White Veined Mamaki Plants
For more information about our products, plants, or programs, please give us a call at
(808) 248-7561
Or visit our website

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