June 29, 2016
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Read the latest in an ongoing series of stories covering major science themes presented at the 2016 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference.  We'll be reporting on more SSEC findings regularly throughout the year.

Mystery remains in deaths of young salmon

Posted: 6/29/2016        Author: Eric Wagner        Editor: Jeff Rice
Key hypotheses include bottom-up and top-down processes and additional factors such as toxics, disease, and competition.  Graphic: Michael Schmidt, Salish Sea Marine Survival Project
The Salish Sea Marine Survival Project has mobilized dozens of organizations in the U.S. and Canada to find an answer to one of the region's greatest mysteries. What is killing so many young salmon before they can return home to spawn? A series of talks at the 2016 Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference brought together some of the latest research. 

"There are many threads, many possible interactions.”
--Correigh Greene, NOAA biologist

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