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Aside from the seasonal summer ales we've been enjoying before fall creeps up on us, some big things have been brewing at Purpose Generation this month. We hope you will enjoy seeing a lot more content from us, as we focus on sharing stories that inspire our community to dream bigger and hustle harder.

For starters, we're loving the concept of "the side hustle." Our generation is redefining the 9-5, increasingly foregoing traditional career tracks in favor of juggling part-time gigs, freelance opportunities and passion projects. Read about some of these Millennial side hustlers and the hacks they use to balance it all on the newest section of our blog, On Hustling

We are also excited to announce the launch of Purpose Generation's Tribe. By bringing together a community of passionate, engaged Millennials, who share our dream of co-creating more purposeful products, services, and businesses, we hope this platform will be a catalyst for more meaningful connections between brands and our generation. We invite you to learn more about what we're building, join us in putting consumers at the heart of the product development process, and help us spread the word. 
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The Ups and Downs of a C-Level Side Hustler and the Hacks for Balancing It All
Tim Hedberg tells us about the ups and downs of balancing his day job with his role as CMO at alcohol delivery startup Klink. This side hustler shares his valuable productivity hacks and some of his favorite apps, books, and podcasts that keep him inspired. 
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Why Adopting a Side Hustle Could Be the Key to Finding a More Meaningful Career
According to recent reports, Millennials are prioritizing meaning and purpose at work over salary and status. But how can you discover what brings meaning to your career?
This is where the side hustle comes in.
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How Two Friends Launched a Daily Newsletter While Working Full Time On Wall Street
As our inaugural side hustlers, this dream team started the daily financial newsletter, MarketSnacks, while both working demanding full time jobs. We sat down with Jack and Nick to discuss how Millennials are redefining career expectations and how they succeeded in making their daydream a reality.
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Experiments for a More Meaningful Life
 Part 1 of 5
Design thinking methodology is used to navigate complex and ambiguous challenges, and what is more complex and ambiguous than navigating your own life? In this first installment of a 5-part series, a design strategist shares experiments that can help inspire a greater sense of purpose in your daily routine. 
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