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While we know this may come as a shock to some of you, Millennials don't actually want to be a slave to their devices. It turns out that knowing exactly what our friends are up to at any time of day can be quite exhausting, not to mention distracting. The idea of a "digital detox" has cross-generational appeal, as more and more people are actively disconnecting from technology to reconnect with the people and world around us. 

In the spirit of spring cleaning and making time for mindfulness, we are dedicating this newsletter to exploring the ways brands and individuals are unplugging and the benefits they're experiencing as a result.

We hope you are inspired to give it a try!



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In today’s digital reality, technology has empowered us to connect and operate in ways that enrich our lives every day. But with the constant stimulation, technology has also created a culture of digital noise that can be difficult to navigate, let alone unplug from. Technology is limited when it comes to exchanging emotion, and Millennials are becoming more attuned to the value of 'disconnecting to reconnect' in a world of digital hyperactivity. Several brands have recognized this shift and are engaging their audience by speaking to the value of “unplugging”.
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Millennial Mentor
Sonia Jones
Wellness Advocate & Philanthropist
This month's Millennial Mentor, Sonia Jones, has mastered the art of balancing digital distractions with the ability to be present and enjoy life to the fullest.
Featured Trend:
Unplug @ Work
Discover how three forward thinking companies are encouraging their employees to unplug in an effort to create a happier, more engaged workforce.
Millennial Maker:
Tessa Greenleaf
Happiness Lead, CloudPeeps
We're excited to feature Millennial Maker Tessa Greenleaf, Happiness Lead at CloudPeeps, a talent marketplace that connects companies with social media freelancers. As an avid believer in the power of community and the future of remote work for our generation, Tessa talks to us about the changing workplace, how she commits to unplugging in a digitally-focused career, and the value of leadership practices in cultivating employee engagement.  

Inspired to Unplug?
Here are some resources to help you disconnect to reconnect

How to do a Digital Detox the Right Way

April 2015
#Unplug, the Complete, Printable Guide
Fast Company
June 2013
Ryan Holmes

"Plugged in 24-7, hyperreactive to my email inbox and social feed—[we live] in a world where the line between digital and real gets a bit blurred at times. By stepping away from all things digital for a while, I actually felt even more appreciative of it. You don’t have to wait until you break down to take some time out to re-energize and revitalize. "

Founder, & CEO, HootSuite
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