MS54 Special Email: Register for the 54 for 54 Challenge! 04.01.21  


It's April 1, the first day of the biggest fundraiser of the year, so I’m reaching out to ask for your help. As you know, the PTA decided NOT to hold an auction this year because 1) it’s a terrible year to ask small businesses for donations, and 2) parents are already overwhelmed enough without trying to find an army of volunteers to run an auction.

What we’re doing instead is testing out a new fundraiser. It’s the 54 for 54 Challenge. This is an event similar to last fall's Turkey Trot, only instead of asking families to run/walk a specific distance, we’re giving families the choice of doing ANYTHING they want 54 times (because we're MS54 ... get it?) from April 1 - May 31. You can log miles, you can do chores or good deeds, practice an instrument ... anything YOU think is important. And every challenge you complete earns money for our school!

The first step is to REGISTER for the event. (Dr. Elster and Anne Pejovich are already on board!) Adults are $30 and kids under 18 are free. There is also a pay-as-you-wish option so that price isn’t an impediment to participation. And this isn't just for parents -- encourage your whole family to join you in the challenge! Grandparents, cousins, neighbors, and friends are all welcome too! 

Next, JOIN A TEAM or start one of your own! You can partner up with other parents in your homeroom, or start a family team! 

Then, help us FUNDRAISE! How many events/campaigns/efforts have you donated to recently? Lots, right? Now it’s your turn! Pick a goal (I chose $540) and use the pre-filled fundraising template to activate your page. You can even send a link to your page via Facebook to get donations from your network.

Need some motivation? Raise $500 or more and receive a $50 gift card to the school store. Raise $1000 and you’ll get a $100 gift card!

I really need your help to make this happen. Right now 64 amazing people have signed up, but we need a whole lot more! We had 300 people sign up for the Turkey Trot. If we can get that many for this event, and each raises $150, we’ll have earned more than we did at last year’s auction (and that was a ton more work). If we can get 500 people to earn $200 each, we’ll know this event is strong enough to replace even our best auction revenues! A gift that keeps on giving!

This event is easy to set up and requires so much less effort and expense than other fundraisers. Plus, it’s social and something so many more people can (enjoyably) participate in. Class parents will be setting up outdoor meetups this spring to help you meet your goal whatever it may be! Please help make the 54 for 54 Challenge a success so that we can get out of the auction business once and for all!

Will you register your family today? 

If you have any questions or suggestions for making this event a success, please reach out. I'd love to know what you think!

Laura Adams
PTA Co-President

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