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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2014
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A book inspired by Let’s Do It! World heroes published

Alexander from Moldova, a Let’s Do It! activist and the co-founder and strategic coordinator of the organisation Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) has published a book that was inspired by us - the Let’s Do It! heroes - as he calls us.

Many of you might know Alexander from before and he has also contributed to the research on global waste management that resulted in creating the Waste Explorer tool that you can now use on the LDIW website

“Besides my involvement in making the world a better and cleaner place, I also write poems and novels. And you might have already heard that recently I published my first large novel entitled “The Monster: Blade of Darkness”, which is the first book of “The Monster” trilogy,” he says. 

The trilogy is focused on understanding the relations between mankind and the environment nowadays. It is also suggesting how this relationship might develop in the future according to the “business-as-usual” scenario. The book is now available in Russian and in English (both, hardcover and e-book formats) in more than 20 countries of the world.

“The direct contribution is represented by the fact that the actual Let’s Do It! people took part in transforming the dream about the book into reality. The talented artist Kärt Viljalo made a number of wonderful illustrations that you can now see in the book and in the on-line gallery. The generous Toomas Trapido supported the publishing of the book through its Indiegogo crowdfunding page. And supportive Kristiina Kerge and Kadi Kenk helped in sharing the page and spreading the word about this literary dream. Their names can now be found in the Gratitude Letter in all “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” books, as well as on the official website of the novel,” Alexander says.

Alexander adds, that the book was also indirectly supported by awesome people of Let’s Do It! World as he got inspiration of community based working model, which is widely practiced in Let’s Do It! actions. “I joined efforts with other people to make it happen. It’s just like the community of our movement helps to organise high-impact cleanups in different countries,” Alexander brings a parallel.


"All in all, due to the LDIW global network and my participation in it I have found all these talented, amazing, and extraordinary people. And together with other contributors we have succeeded in bringing the science fiction adventure novel about the interrelations between Human and Nature entitled “The Monster: Blade of Darkness” to the readers worldwide. And for that I am enormously grateful to LDIW and its heroes!

If you would like to take a look at the book, you can do it by visiting its official website or finding it on any of the on-line bookshops, such as Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Google Books, Goodreads, iTunes, etc. And I hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!"

With great respect and gratitude,



Regional team


On September 21-28, 2014 the ecological action of „Let’s Do It“ was held in more than 50 regions.

In 2014 all-Russian cleanup „Let’s Do It!“ was organised for the third time. The first massive cleanup against waste and illegal dumps took place in 2012. This year the action was not limited to the cleanups only, the activists hold ecological lectures, recycling activities and ecological master classes. All events were organized by the local people who are willing to contribute to and are dreaming about the clean neighbourhoods and waste management in their own country. The action was supported by private companies, local governments and non-governmental organizations.  

According to the preliminary results more than 10 500 volunteers participated in the activities and they gathered 4750 cbm of waste and garbage. The results are still being counted because we have not yet had numbers from all the regions. During the previous actions there were more than 85 000 people from 60 Russian regions.

"In Novokuznetsk there were more than 6000 people participating and more than 800 tons of garbage gathered, including 3 tons of recyclable garbage. In addition, we organised a lottery - „Let’s Do It!“ with a trip to Altai, photo school training, mountain club „Alatau“ pass, Kemerovo Red Books as prizes for the winners“, the Kuzbass coordinator Varvara Mikheeva says.

„In Bashkorstan Republic, employees of 20 companies were gathering recyclable garbage in order to support the Foundation „Our Children“, the Bashkorstan coordinator Anastasiya Malinina tells.

The coordinator of North Ossetia, Madina Slanova explains: „When the whole world is willing to be cleaner, Vladikavkaz can not be different. We want to show to Russia and the world that we are together and we are doing the common thing“.

For the first time Sevastopol region joined the cleanup campaign. Ekaterina Belikina, regional coordinator in Sevastopol, says that for the first time in the history of the city, plastic trash was collected separately and recycled.

In Chelyabinsk region there were 300 volunteers and the actions are still taking place until October 5. „Each year we try to increase the number of teams from different municipalities instead of volunteers’ quantity. And we really have less garbage now“, the Chelyabinsk region coordinator Dmitriy Zakarlyukin says. „I am with „Let’s Do It!“ because it is truly an incredible atmosphere. It is a kind, open and warm world. There are no wars and divides, all doors and borders are open, there are no fences. In this world of common idea we are not thinking about race, sex, nationality, income or education,“ Dmitriy continues.

In Moscow and Altai region there were nearly 20 different cleanups hold, in Saint-Petersburg and Tatarstan 30 massive actions, in Yaroslavl and Khakassia – 10 cleanups.

We are thankful to each initiator, participant, coordinator, town, city, region, republic, which has participated in the action and is changing our world to better one!


Denis Stark: 

Aleksandra Maksimova:

Let’s Do It! Russia web-page:  



PR & marketing team


Let’s Do It! World refreshed cooperation relations with translation company Interlex

Let’s Do It! World will now be able to support you better with the help of translation company Interlex. The company offers a wide range of translations and will support us with marketing and PR translations. This will make it more easy for you to spread the word and hopefully to make the world hear from us more.

Negotiations with production companies to broadcast documentaries about Let’s Do It! World 

PR team is continuously negotiating with ARTE TV channel and with an Austrian production company to show the three documentaries aired this May also online and in English. Both documentaries have reached a really good feedback from the TV channels and have been more popular than expected. The Austrian film production company aired two documentaries (one about Rainer Nõlvak and the another one about Let’s Do It! World, Meelika Hirmo and the Romanian cleanup day) in Servus TV (Switzerland, Germany, Austria) and will soon have a re-run, as the feedback was great.
The representative of ARTE wrote to us: "ARTE has been very satisfied with the viewers' reactions and quotes. Although the show was aired in the afternoon it significantly had more viewers than comparable shows within that spot. Especially through their online offer as well as on all their social media platforms the viewer s' response was great and we are in discussions for the second season at the moment.”
Fingers crossed, so that we would get to see all of the docs in English soon!

Summary press release about September actions in preparation

We’re preparing a press release covering the cleanup actions that took place in September. In case you have not informed your regional coordinator about the participants, waste collected, cool stories and emotions, please do so as soon as possible. Add Mari Valgepea, our PR team member in CC ( as she’s in charge for creating the summary press release. We want good comments, facts and figures, and your impressions on how the situation is in your country concerning the illegal waste issues. The press release will be sent to media contacts in all continents - the better material we get, the better the press release will be - this might result in international coverage (this is what we all need, guys!)
Questions? Ask Meelika ( - our Head of Public Relations for Let’s Do It! World.

Summer Gathering - Bonding in the Sweat Lodge and Looking for a Better Structure

At the end of August, when the days were still sunny in Estonia, but the nights are chilly already, over 30 people gathered to bond and think about new ideas to make Let’s Do It! better. Participants from Russia, Colombia, Latvia, Malta and Egypt came to get to know the people and the country where the Let’s Do It! movement was born.

Needless to say, the Let’s Do It! people know work and fun equally well. Therefore the working groups were just as active during philosophical discussions by the fireplace, which lasted until 4 am in the morning. 8 o’clock sharp, just four hours later, the same bunch of people were active and ready to get the most from the workshops and team games.
Meelika wrote some impressions and a summary article about the summer gathering. Some of the participants also gave their impressions. Read the article about the summer gathering and the discussions here.

Reminder: regional conferences for America, Asia and Africa


Let’s Do It! World supports organising regional conferences in Asia, in Africa and in America in order to boost organising successful cleanup actions and motivate teams to keep up the good work.

The American conference will take place in Colombia, Bogota (31 October-3 November). The working language in the conference will be English and Spanish. There is no participation fee and accommodation and meals are taken care of by the organisers. Visa and travel costs must be covered by the participants. During the conference you will get a chance to meet with the fellow Let’s Do It! initiators and organisers from your region, exchange know-how and get inspired! Join the Facebook group to be up to date and register here! Additional information can be found at or contact Dolores Daniel,

The African conference will take place in Senegal, Dakar (4-7 December). The working language in the conference will be English. There is no participation fee and accommodation and meals are taken care of by the organisers. Visa and travel costs must be covered by the participants. Registration and additional information: Katrin Kurg,

The Asian conference will take place in Philippines, Cebu (27-30 November). More information from Lisandra Roosioja,

More information:


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