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Austin Event Marketing: Five Ways to Shine Bright in the Lone Star Capitol 
Brand managers from near and far know selecting Austin for event marketing is a no-brainer. Everyone reads about the hip, tech-savvy population and draws of SXSW, ACL Music Festival and Formula One racing. However, thousands look to stake their claim on events here. Many fall short and waste money … usually because they fail to learn the market and its intricacies. Austin Best Events works to make sure our clients don’t get lost in the crowds. Here are a few vital tips to ponder as you begin contemplating an Austin event.
Austin Event Marketing: Live, Digital and On-Demand
Simply adding a social media campaign to your event marketing doesn’t cut it in the city that hosted Twitter’s coming out party more than a decade ago. Capture imagination and direct the narrative at your event with smart digital interaction before, during and after a gathering. Let’s face it, audiences consistently pull out their phones during events anyway. Use this to your advantage with smart digital event coordination at any Austin event.
Go Beyond the Guides
Austin continually ranks as one of the most culturally innovative cities. What you read yesterday may be passé this afternoon. That’s why it’s essential to have a team on the ground that’s plugged into new hotspots and trends long before they hit the bloggers’ radar. The Austin Best Events team knows the best low-key gems and those destined for the Austin essentials list. We position our events to soar with a leader’s momentum, not catch the dated, downward spirals.
It’s Not All Lone Star Longnecks and Margaritas
A fine line exists between toasting local culture and becoming a tasteless cliché. While any great Austin event offers choices of local beers, such as Shiner, Jester King or Live Oak, the area also boasts a great new arrangement of award-winning spirits. Look at small-batch, locally distilled vodkas, gins and rums mixed with fresh Texas fruits and botanicals to spread cheers and tributes. If you’re looking for something softer, the city also houses BeeSweet lemonade, Daily Greens juices and, of course, a variety of iced teas.
Yes, Texas Weather Really Is That Crazy
Everyone knows about the summer heat - that’s an anticipated, easy fix. However, we always keep creative plans handy when occasional spring flash floods snarl traffic and close a handful of vulnerable roadways. And, while it’s extremely rare that winter weather affects Austin events, remember “winter weather” here is defined much differently than other parts of the country. A light sleet can close down this city. Austin weather delays or postponements are rare, but only the foolish fail to plan for them.
Never Forget that Austin Rocks
You’ve heard from the minute you stepped foot in the city: Austin is the Live Music Capital. Even if you think there’s no musical tie whatsoever to your event or marketing promotion, we guarantee we can work in an authentic Austin groove that contributes to the overall mood of and buzz about your event. Take advantage of one of the city’s pride points and the easy accessibility of diverse, engaging artists in this thriving cultural hub.
As you can tell from our list there is more to this city than barbecue and Willie Nelson (although really, who doesn’t love that combination?). Turn to Austin Best Events as your experts on creating an authentically Austin affair that starts and keeps people talking.

We know Austin, and we’ll make sure Austin gets to know you!
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