Pasteurizer saves lives and InStove in Haiti, Zambia, and the USA!

Pasteurizer Saves Lives in Zambia!

Lack of safe water causes half of all child mortality in region

   “We tested highly contaminated water,” said Ester Banda, Coordinator of the Water Quality Testing lab in Ndola, Zambia where InStove just tested its new water pasteurizer. “After pasteurization, the water that came out was negative [for pathogens]. We think that system can work well and save a lot of people.” 
   Using only a pencil’s weight of wood for each liter of safe drinking water, our pasteurizer can produce over 400 liters (100 gallons) per hour. Kirk Schauer, Executive Director of Seeds of Hope International Partnerships, learned about our pasteurizer as a guest at last winter’s Stove Camp. He invited us to test it at the SoHIP lab near Ndola, Zambia.
   Our pasteurizer was born as a napkin sketch by engineer Dale Andreatta. (Watch a video on the origins of our pasteurizer here.)
   “The first model was made with an automobile thermostat and a heat exchanger I built from scratch,” said Director of Technology Damon Ogle. Now in its fourth generation and with field-testing complete, it is ready for production.
   “We saw the system running and it has been an eye-opener,” said Ester. “We hope it will be promoted for our community.” (Watch a video of Ester here.)
   With your financial support, we will install two pasteurizers in this community next year, bringing safe water and healthier lives to thousands. “There's one clinic with a couple hundred patients including a leper colony we’re hoping to work with,” said engineer Nick Moses.

Safe Water for Zambia! 

In the Zambian village where we tested our pasteurizer, the population is too large for one unit to meet the demand. So, we launched an online campaign to raise $30,000 to build, ship, install and train the community in the use of two more pasteurizers. (Check out our video here.)
Support our online campaign and receive perks including tote bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even your own 60 or 100 Liter Stove!

Tests Show 100% elimination of Pathogens

“The water was very contaminated,” said Tauzen Tembo, SoHIP Community Sanitation Trainer, shown (bottom right) with Damon Ogle (center) and the SoHIP Zambia team. “But then, after the water passed through the pasteurizer it showed no presence of E. coli.” (Absence of E. coli, an indicator species, is the standard for water potability.)
This holiday season, consider a donation to InStove as a gift for a loved one. Donate at, and tell us who the gift is in honor of. They will receive a gift receipt (before Christmas, if received by December 19th) telling them what this gift means for women and children in the developing world, and for our planet.

First domestic InStove placement

   On December 3rd, InStove placed a stove with the homeless residents of Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon. Executive Director Fred Colgan traveled to Eugene to train them how to use it while sharing a little history about its use in refugee centers and schools in the developing world. (Check out the Portland Business Journal's article on it here.)
   After seeing the stove in action, Deputy Fire Marshal Keith Haggas officially deemed it safe for use in Eugene.
   "The InStove is very impressive with how well constructed, engineered and efficient it is,” said Haggas. 
   The stove was donated by volunteer and InStove supporter Dr. Barbara Aldave who heard about Opportunity Village on the radio, then purchased the 60 Liter Stove for them.
   “The villagers are very excited,” said Dan Bryant.
   “I’m looking forward to making soup,” said Rhonda, a resident of the village, who made hot tea on the stove even as the temperature dropped to the mid-30's. “This is the perfect weather for it!"


   “[Haitian] hospitals may lose electricity at any moment,” said Dr. Francisco De La Cruz, a medical doctor and senator from Haiti’s Central Plateau district. “But [InStove’s] systems can function immediately, at any moment, without electricity, are easy, practical, and fast. I believe that they are an excellent alternative for Haiti that opens possibilities, both in health and economically as well.” (Check out this article on the senator's visit.)
   On Saturday, September 7th, Sen. De La Cruz visited InStove to explore ways to improve quality of life for residents of his district using InStove technology. Presently, Dennis Hartley, Haiti projects coordinator, is in Central Plateau, Haiti, demonstrating InStove’s stoves and autoclave system, and scouting locations for a pasteurizer pilot project as a micro-business to serve the people of the senator's district.
   “In some zones, groundwater is not potable,” added Senator De La Cruz. “The idea will be for people to bring their own water jugs and pay a small amount, for example, ten cents, for pasteurized water so that the operation can be self-sufficient.”


Tours– Come for one of our our bi-monthly tours! See our technology, meet our staff, become part of the community! Check our website or Facebook for upcoming tour information, or contact:
Article– Check out the Portland Business Journal's article on our First USA stove placement!

Have Stove Will Travel

InStove may be coming your way!
Our stoves are beginning to show up at markets, street fairs, events, conferences, celebrations and house parties! Call or email us if you would like to be notified when stoves are scheduled to show up near you -- or to inquire about arranging for a stove stop at a place of your choosing.

What's Next?

Haiti: 2 Stoves, 1 Autoclave sent for pilot project in 2014.
Kenya: Stoves arrived in October for Dadaab camp. Stove training consultancy slated for early 2014. 
Philippines: Exploring partnerships to send one autoclave and many stoves as typhoon Haiyan relief once funding is secured.
Senegal: InStove to demonstrate stoves at Magal Touba festival.
United States—Exploring R&D partnership with engineering Dept. of George Fox Univ. to develop bread oven; Univ. of Kentucky team experimenting with 60 Liter Stove and pressure cooker to make biodiesel.
Zambia—2 Stoves and 2 autoclaves sent to CHAZ (Churches Health Association of Zambia); Campaign to send 2 Water Pasteurizers underway.


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