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Mark D. Boughton, Mayor
City of Danbury Commission for Persons with disAbilities
John Gentile, Chairman 
For more information contact: Annie Dance, Commissioner & Secretary
City of Danbury Commission for Persons with disAbilities joins effort to observe Developmental DisAbilities Awareness Month and #DDAware Day March 29
Danbury, Connecticut March is national Developmental DisAbilities Awareness Month, first observed in 1987. We invite you to join us on March 29 in a grassroots initiative to help raise awareness about people with intellectual and developmental disAbilities (I/DD). The City of Danbury Commission for Persons with disAbilities invite you to consider the true meaning of this year’s theme, “Ability at Work!"

“Ability at Work” encourages people to understand that when people with disAbilities are welcomed into local neighborhoods, workplaces, houses of worship, and schools everyone wins. "This is a day to focus on encouraging the public to better understand the individuals we serve," said John Gentile, Chairman.

“We have many excellent resources in Danbury for people with disAbilities, including assistance from our Health & Human Services Department.  State resources are available for those who need them, but there's more that can be done," said Mayor Mark Boughton. "During Developmental DisAbilities Awareness Month, we encourage people to learn more about the people who have developmental disAbilities and we need to recognize that all of us have talents and abilities that we can offer to continue making Danbury, and Connecticut, a great place to live."

"On Saturday March 29, let’s all go out and start breaking down those social barriers once and for all. As an individual with I/DD, this is your chance to personally help raise awareness just by being yourself and participating in the things you enjoy alongside others in your community without disAbilities. Make plans now to hit the movies, the park, your local shopping center or restaurant and maybe spark some conversation in the process. If you are a friend or family member of a person with I/DD, make plans now to enjoy a fun activity together in public and take the opportunity to show others that we’re all not so different after all," said John Gentile.

What should you do?  If you are a person with I/DD or know someone who has I/DD make plans to go out somewhere in public on Saturday, March 29. That’s all. Just plan a day out and about enjoying the things you like to do. And, in the process help raise awareness and generate some conversation about people with I/DD during Developmental DisAbilities Awareness Month. This one-day movement will serve to harness our collective power to gain allies, foster understanding, dispel myths and encourage a greater understanding among people without a disAbility. Visit The Arc’s website to find out more about this campaign and things you can do join in. Spread the word using #DDAware on twitter, and be sure to follow @DanburyC4PWD.
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Did you know? According to the CDC, about 50 million Americans report having a disability. 
About the City of Danbury Commission for Persons with disAbilities 
Commission for Persons with disAbilities members: John Gentile, Chairman, Annie Dance, Secretary, Rose Marie BouclierPaul KachevskyJoanne LaPorta, Bill LewisJohn NeumullerBobby Perez, Frank ReedFrances Ryan, and Chad Sinanian

We work to put the "A" in ability - the Commission has many goals including focusing on the Abilities of those with disAbilties. The Commission was established to advise the Mayor and the Common Council of the needs of persons with disAbilities within the community with relation to housing, economics, employment, transportation, health, recreation and other matters. Meetings are held at City Hall, on the 3rd floor, at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of the month. There are no meetings held in July and August. 
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City of Danbury Code of Ordinances
Sec. 2-56.13. Commission for persons with disabilities--Created, purpose.
(a) There is hereby created and established a commission to be known as the Danbury Commission for Persons with Disabilities. The commission shall at its primary purpose advise the mayor and the common council of the needs of people with disabilities within the community with relation to housing, employment, transportation, economics, health, recreation and other relevant matters. The commission shall, in addition, recommend to the mayor and the common council ways in which programs and services offered by the City of Danbury may be made more accessible to people with disabilities and in which obstacles hindering employment and enjoyment of programs and services may be eliminated.
(b) The commission shall also serve as a compliance committee for the purposes of hearing grievances and complaints brought by persons pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act. The committee shall hold hearings and render decisions regarding participation in and access to public facilities, services, activities and functions by persons with disabilities in accordance with such procedures and regulations as may be established pursuant to the Americans With Disabilities Act.
(Ord. No. 291, 12-7-82; Ord. No. 387, 4-3-90; Ord. No. 518, 10-1-96) Cross references: Commission on equal rights and opportunities,§ 2-54; handicapped parking,§ 19-35.
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John Gentile, Chairman 
Commission for Persons with disAbilities
City of Danbury, City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810

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