May 2015

Just 2 short news items this time, both about new marker information at

Resistance against P. thornei from wheat landraces Iraq 43 and Morocco 426

Genetic mapping revealed QTL for resistance against P. thornei on chromosome 7BL. A set of three SNP-based markers has been developed that can be used to select for resistance from either of these sources. [GRDC project UA00143]

MlLa resistance against powdery mildew in barley 

A new SNP-based marker has been developed that is closely linked with the MlLa resistance gene on chromosome 2H of barley. It seems to validate well across germplasm.  [GRDC project UA00143]
To access the marker information, pre-breeders and breeders in Australia can go to and login to the MEMBERS AREA. If you don't have a userid, you can request one there. 

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