March 2015

Marker meetings on 11 and 12 March

The Barley and Wheat Steering Committees of the AWBMMP-GA project will meet at the Waite Campus in Adelaide on 12 and 13 March, respectively. The purpose of these meetings is to review project progress and to seek advice from the members of the steering committees. The meetings are open to any observers who wish to attend. If you have not already done so, please notify Diane Mather ( if you plan to attend, as this will help us estimate numbers for catering purposes.

Both meetings will be held in the Seminar Room of the Plant Genomics Centre on Hartley Grove, Urrbrae. The Plant Genomics Centre is building 22 on the map of the Waite Campus.

AWBMMP-GA Barley Steering Committee -Wednesday 11 March, food to be available from 4:30 pm, start the meeting at 5 pm and aim to finish by 8 pm. The members of this committee are Amanda Able, Stewart Coventry, Ken Chalmers, Lauren Du Fall, Simon Ellwood, Diane Mather, Alan McKay, Mark Mclean, David Moody, Greg Platz, James Preuss and  Hugh Wallwork..

AWBMMP-GA Wheat Steering Committee- Thursday 12 March.Food available at 1 pm (just after the CAIGE meeting ends), start the meeting at 1:30 pm, aim to finish at  5:00 pm. The members of this committee are Jason Able, Marie Appelbee, Maqbool Ahmad, Ken Chalmers, Lauren Du Fall, Brian Duggan,  Anke Martin, Daryl Mares, Diane Mather, Dan Mullan, James Preuss,  Kar-Chun Tan, Alan Rattey.  Manisha Shankar, and Jason Sheedy.

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Some new publications

Aditya, J, Lewis, J, Shirley, N, Tan, H-T, Henderson, M, Fincher, G, Burton, R, Mather, D & Tucker, M 2014 ‘The dynamics of cereal cyst nematode infection differ between susceptible and resistant barley cultivars and lead to changes in (1,3;1,4)-β-glucan levels and HvCslF gene transcript abundance.’ New Phytologist doi 10.1111/nph.13349
This presents new information that is relevant to the AWBMMP-GA target loci Rha2 and Rha4 .

Jayatilake, DV, Tucker, EJ, Brueggemann, J, Lewis, J, Garcia, M, Dreisigacker, S, Hayden, MJ, Chalmers, K, & Mather, DE 2015. ‘Genetic mapping of the Cre8 locus for resistance against cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera avenae Woll.) in wheat’, Molecular Breeding 35:66
This article presents detailed mapping results for the AWBMMP-GA target locus Cre8. It includes the marker wri16, which was previously released to breeders and prebreeders as uat3.

Jordan, KW, Wang, S, Lun, Y, Gardiner, L-J, MacLachlan, R, Hucle,, P, Wiebe, K, Wong, D, Forrest, KL, Sharpe, AG, Sidebottom, CHD, Hall, N, Toomajian, C, Close, T, Dubcovsky, J, Akhunova, A, Talbert, L, Bansal, U, Bariana, HS, Hayden MJ, Poznial, C, Jeddeloh, JA, Hall, A, Akhunov, E & IWGS Consortium 2015. A haplotype map of allohexaploid wheat reveals distinct patterns of selection on homoeologous genomes.
Debbie Wong, Kerrie Forrest and Matthew Hayden (DAV00127) contributed to this international effort, which used whole-genome exome capture for resequencing of 62 diverse lines of wheat and provided new insights into the nature of directional selection in allopolyploids.
Wong, SC, Shirley, NJ, Little, A, Khoo, KHP, Schwerdt, J, Fincher, GB, Burton, RA & Mather, DE 2015. ‘Differential expression of the HvCslF6 gene late in grain development may explain quantitative differences in (1,3;1,4)-β-glucan concentration in barley. Molecular Breeding 35:20
AWBMMP-GA postdoc Kelvin Khoo contributed to this article by developing KASP assays that distinguish among almost all known alleles of the cellulose-synthase-like gene CslF6, which is important for (1,3;1,4)-β-glucan concentration synthesis.

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