February 2016

New barley markers: Resistance against spot form net blotch

Chromosome 7H: Genetic mapping in 7 populations revealed loci on chromosome 7H for resistance against spot form net blotch. We recommend 2 new markers that distinguish resistance sources from other varieties and also  distinguish among resistance sources.

TR03189: The Canadian wheat breeding line TR03189 has resistance alleles on chromosomes 4H, 5H and 7H. For this resistance source, we recommend a set of 9 new markers (3 on 4H, 4 on 5H and 2 on 7H). 
[PROJECT: UA00143]

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Wheat markers: Resistance against nematodes

Rlnn1: The Rlnn1 locus for resistance against the root lesion nematode Pratylenchus neglectus co-segregates with the phytoene synthase locus Psy-A1, genes for resistance against stem rust, leaf rust and powdery mildew and many molecular markers. We developed KASP assays for several of these markers and also for the Psy-A1t allele. The assay for the Psy-A1t allele is the most diagnostic for Rlnn1.

Cre8: We previously provided a marker that wheat breeders could use to select for the Cre8 locus for resistance against cereal cyst nematode. When we published that marker (Jayatilake et al. 2015, Molecular Breeding 35:66) we included data for only a small validation panel. Now we have run the KASP version of the marker (wri16) on a much larger panel. The results confirm that it is highly diagnostic. 
[PROJECT: UA00143]

Marker meetings on 7 and 11 March

The AWBMP-GA Wheat and Barley Steering Committees will meet soon in Adelaide. The purpose of these meetings is to review project progress and to seek advice from the members of the steering committees. Both meetings will be held in the Seminar Room of the Plant Genomics Centre on Hartley Grove, Urrbrae. The Plant Genomics Centre is building 22 on the map of the Waite Campus.

Wheat: Monday 7 March, starting at 1:30 pm. The members of the wheat committee are Jason Able, Marie Appelbee, Maqbool Ahmad, Ken Chalmers, Lauren Du Fall, Anke Martin, Daryl Mares, Diane Mather, Dan Mullan, James Preuss,  Alan Rattey.  Manisha Shankar, and Jason Sheedy and Kar-Chun Tan.

Barley:  Friday 11 March, starting at 9:00 am. The members of the barley committee are Amanda Able, Stewart Coventry, Ken Chalmers, Lauren Du Fall, Simon Ellwood, Diane Mather, Alan McKay, Mark Mclean, David Moody, Greg Platz, James Preuss and  Hugh Wallwork.

The meetings are open to any observers who wish to attend. We also welcome your suggestions of traits, parents, populations and/or loci for which AWBMMP-GA can help advance wheat, barley or durum breeding via the development of molecular markers. Please send your suggestions to Diane Mather ( by Friday 4 March.
[PROJECT: UA00143]

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